Order of the Peacock

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Order of the Peacock
Awarded by the Sultan of Shorewell
Type Chivalric order
Religious affiliation None
Motto Where everything goes well
Eligibility At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently awarded
Sovereign Sultan Bilal I
Grand Master HIH Crown Prince Humza
First induction 28 June 2017
Last induction 10 August 2017
Total inductees 4
Next (lower) Order of the Imperial Feathers

The Order of the Peacock is a Shorewellese chivalric order created and given out by Sultan Bilal I. Created on June 28, 2017, the order remains the highest to date order in precedence of rank. The Order was founded as a direct response to the Sultan's close family members passing in a tragic accident, from wherein this Order was formed to recognize those who have accomplished great, noble, or heroic deeds.