Languages of Shorewell

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All four of the following languages are documented and regulated by the Library of Emeralds.


English is the most commonly spoken language of Shorewell, and is its official language. All transactions, governmental affairs, business, etc. are conducted in English. It is the birth language of about 50% of Shorewell's citizens, and is fluently spoken by around 90% of the population.


Urdu is a frequently spoken language, with many books written in it (and being kept in the Library of Emeralds). A vast number of people in Shorewell can speak Urdu fluently, or have it as the mother tongue. Even with the considerable use of Urdu in Shorewell, the official language remains English to keep international affairs stable.


Arabic is occasionally spoken and learned throughout the Empire. However, the library oversees the administration of it due to the fact that many books and important texts are translated from Arabic to English.


The Biljish lanuage is the main conlangs created and spoken in the Shorewellese Empire. It's local to the city of Shehzadam essentially. The language is a priori, implying that it was developed without taking components from another current language. It is spoken by the Shorewellese individuals of the area, and it is perceived as an official language of Shorewell alongside English.