National Symbols of Shorewell

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This article lists notable national symbols of the Shorewellese Empire. The National Symbols of Shorewell are things which are significant, agent or generally normal for Shorewell or Shorewellese culture. Some are built up, authority symbols; for instance, the Imperial Arms of Shorewell, which has been classified in heraldry. Different images might not have official status, for some reason, however are in like manner perceived at a national or global level


The national flag of the Shorewellese is the flag used to portray the nation and its citizens. The Flag was designed by the first and current monarch of Shorewell, Bilal I.The Flag has never been used in the actual physical sense due to it only being available currently online.

Coat of arms

The Coat of arms of Shorewell was created on 18 May 2016.

The shield in the center of the coat of arms is unified, in the same design as the Emblem of Saudi Arabia. The two swords represent the Empire and it's two main divisions, the Emirate of Shehzadam and the rest of the Empire are comprised of the Shorewellese Star,