Coat of arms of Shorewell

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Coat of Arms of the Shorewellese Empire
ArmigerThe Emperor of Shorewell
Adopted18 May 2016
CrestLaurel wreath
EscutcheonTwo swords in saltire with a star in the upper space between them
MottoWhere everything goes well (حيث كل شيء على ما يرام)

The Coat of Arms of Shorewell was created on 18 May 2016.

The shield in the center of the coat of arms is unified, in the same design as the Emblem of Saudi Arabia. The two swords represent the Empire and it's two main divisions, the Emirate of Shehzadam and the rest of the Empire are comprised of the Shorewellese Star.

The Coat of Arms shows up on government archives, political missions, and additionally a few Shorewellese Flags. It is decorated in gold on the banner of the Armed Forces of Shorewell (which is likewise the Empire's war ensign), and on the lower derrick of the Imperial Standard. The last is basically the national banner with the additional Coat of Arms in gold, which is set in the lower part of the (left-confronting) hoist and not in the canton as with other royal gauges. The Coat of Arms lower position is in regard to the sacrosanct way of the Shahada, the Islamic creed.