Peerage of Shorewell

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Bilal I created the nobility to institute and ensure the stability of the Shorewellese Empire. While many different heads of constituent states held various titles including Prince, Khan, and Emir. While these titles are considered to be seated titles, implying they hold power, prestige and value, there are also honorary titles like Duke, Count, and Baron, which are mere formalities. In addition, there are three orders currently in existence, known as the Order of the Peacock, the Order of the Imperial Feathers, the Order of the Shorewellese Crown, and the Order of Peace, respectively in order of precedence, whilst the latter two remain equal in standing.


Due to varying titles, the Empire has seated and honorary titles. Seated titles are usually held by leaders of constituent states of the empire, while honorary titles are awarded to foreign monarchs, diplomats, or civilians.

Honorary titles

Below is a list of the various honorary titles in the Empire, and their respective holders: