Biljish language

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بالجيش Biljish
Native toShorewell
  • Biljish
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byBiljish Linguistic Authority

The Biljish language is the main conlang created and spoken in the Shorewellese Empire. It is, in practice, a language local to the city of Shehzadam. The language is a priori, implying that it was developed without taking components from another current language. It is spoken by the Shorewellese individuals of the area, and it is perceived as an official language of Shorewell alongside English.

The utilization of Biljish is controlled by the Biljish Language Authority. It is evaluated that 3.125 percent of the number of inhabitants in Shorewell speak fundamental Biljish on account of the fact that the language is still a work in progress. The main foundation to perceive and educate the Biljish language is the University of Sharoof in Shorewell.


The Biljish alphabet, written using letters from the Persian script, mirrors that of Arabic. Hence, the pronunciation of words between the two languages remain the exact same, with the key difference being within the meaning and grammar.