Khabar Times

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Khabar Times
FormatOnline blog
Owner(s)Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Founder(s)Emperor Bilal I
EditorEmperor Bilal I
Founded1 August 2016
Political alignmentNeutral
WebsiteKhabar Times

On 1 August 2016, the Shorewellese Empire founded an official newspaper called the Khabar Times. Khabar in Urdu, generically means news, So it is the News Times. Shorewell uses this Newspaper to convey the latest news in Shorewell to the public, and any other major events that take place that the General Assembly feels has some association, effect, or impact with Shorewell.

The Khabar Times attempt to reveal the headline news of Shorewell continuously. There have been attempts to make a schedule of newspapers, but it has since it's foundation remained in the status of making newspaper when headlines appear.

Other outlets of Media such as a Radio have been proposed and are being worked and thought upon. However for now, the Khabar Times Newspaper is the foremost national outlet of news in Shorewell along with the Latest in Shorewell Thread in the Microwiki Forums.