Commonwealth of Lumania

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The Commonwealth of Lumania

Official language(s)English
LegislatureRegional Council
Established17 April 2017

The Commonwealth of Lumania was founded on 22 April 2016, but after some time dissolved for certain reasons. On 17 April 2017 the nation of Lumania was reformed.


The Goverment of the Commonwealth has got two parts. The first part is the President and the second part is the Regional Council. a. The President is whom runs the whole nation. He is in charge of everything from diplomacy to trade. He is in charge of all of the Lumanian Armed Forces as well. The President is also head of the Regional Council.
b. Regional Council: The Regional Council is an 5 person council in charge of many things in Lumania. The job of the Representatives can vary from court cases to law making. Each member has a term of 1 year and any legal citizen may run for election.

Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, and Alliances

Lumania is currently in many peaceful alliances. We will enter alliances with nations if they propose to do so. We will only join nations if we see that they are fit to be with Lumania and posses no immediate danger.

We are willing to join any nation in diplomacy to conduct foreign affairs, trade, and anything else needed.

If a country would like to send a treaty/alliance form to Lumania, please e-mail us at our government e-mail and a official representative will contact you back.



The Commonwealth of Lumania is a strong agricultural nation. Almost all exports are that of produce and agriculture. Lumania has it's own National Agricultral Growth Center or the N.A.G.C where all of our of our exports are grown.


The N.A.G.C is where the Commonwealth of Lumania grows all of their exports. Operated by the government and overseen by the president, the Growth Center is where Lumania grows their crops for trade. Lumania does trade and business in all signed diplomatic nations of Lumania.

Patent Office

If you want to file for an official patent for the Commonwealth of Lumania, just read below and follow the steps. Contact the Lumanian Patent Office by e-mail(same e-mail as listed in the contact section) A representative we send you the necessary paperwork. File your paperwork and return to Lumania. We will read through and see if your patent is original.


The Commonwealth of Lumania is always accepting new citizens. We are always happy to have more and to grow in numbers If acceptable, we will send you a patent certificate and patent your invention. If you want to apply for a citizenship, you will find the form at our official page. Once completed a representative will contact you about more information and to grant you citizenship!


No current news.


Lumania follows all major holidays of that in the U.S. with exceptions of the Lumanian holidays of:

1. April 22, Independence Day
2. June 11, Founders Day
3. April 23, Diplomacy Day(Lumania forms our first diplomatic relations)<>br 4. November 21, Alliance Day(Lumania celebrates all of our alliances)
5. April 17, Reformation Day(Lumania celebrates being reformed into our great nation again)

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