Confederation of Renfrew

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Confederation of Renfrew

All hail the Governor-General
"Anthem of the True Canadians"

Renfrew map.png
Capital cityArnprior
Largest cityRenfrew
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Catholicism
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
- Governor-GeneralBrendan O'Brien
- PremierRay Martin
CurrencyAustralian Coin
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
National animalBritish Shorthair
Patron saintSt. Patrick

The Confederation of Renfrew is a breakaway county from Canada, composed of all the townships and municipalities of the County of Renfrew. The Confederation was formed due to the belief that the central Canadian Government located in urban areas was detached from the rural farmers of the area. It was formed on January 16, 2016, under the leadership of Governor-General Brendan O'Brien.


In Welsh the meaning of the name Renfrew is: Dwells near the still river.


Before Renfrew

In May 1613 European explorers, led by Samuel de Champlain, first visited the Ottawa River valley, home of the Algonquin tribe of native North Americans.

In 1823, a 1,200-acre (490 ha) surveyed block was ceded to Archibald McNab and given the eponymous name, McNab Township. McNab had approval from the Family Compact to treat the settlers on his land in the feudal manner practiced in Scotland. In 1831 the town was named by the Buchanan Brothers after McNab's ancestral home of Arnprior, Scotland.

Tired of the harsh treatment, the settlers revolted and, after a government investigation, McNab was forced to vacate the area in 1841. Arnprior, Braeside and NcNab township grew as separate communities and boomed when they became integrated into eastern Ontario's massive timber industry.

One of the most successful businessmen of the upper Ottawa was Daniel McLachlin, who built a massive sawmill at the confluence of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers, and expanded the community of Arnprior. The lumber industry maintained a significant position until the closing of the Gillies Mill. One of the most enduring structures of the day was a grist mill built by the Buchanans on the west bank of the Madawaska River.

By 1869, Arnprior was an Incorporated Village with a population of 2000 in the Township of McNab County. It was on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway at the junction of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers. The average price of land $20 to $40.

The grey stone building served many purposes after it stopped being used as a grist mill, finally being operated as a restaurant and a gas station, first by the Beattie and then the Baird families, ending in 1974. The facility has been bought by Ontario Hydro prior to the restructuring on the bridge and the creation of a new weir to control the river. The building was consumed by fire in 1976. The forests of the period are represented in the Grove which is an excellent example of indigenous forest, grown after a fire in the 18th century. With individual specimens reaching 175 feet (53 m), these are the tallest white pines in Ontario.

Arnprior was incorporated as a village in 1862. Thirty years later (in 1892), it was incorporated as a town.

On 8 June 1944 a Castle class corvette, HMS Rising Castle (K494), was re-commissioned as "HMCS Arnprior" until 1946. Arnprior became a recognized name in the numismatic trade. This has a special link to a local employer. In 1955 Playtex ordered some silver dollars for their employees. These coins are later found to show only two and one-half water lines instead of four to the right of the canoe. This variety becomes known as the Arnprior dollar.

The history of Arnprior is preserved and documented at the Arnprior and District Museum (located in the former post office building and library) and the Arnprior and District Archives, located next door in the basement of the public library. The sandstone building is the defining element in local architecture.

Government and politics

Governor-General of Renfrew

The Governor-General of Renfrew is the elected leader, supreme commander of the Renfrew Militia, lord and commander of all affairs of Renfrew.

Law and order

All township police departments are planned to be merged into a single police department, the RSPD (Renfrew State Police Department).


The military of the Confederation of Renfrew was uniquely formed in response to a outbreak of mice and rats due to a lack of extermination services, due to this fact, populations of mice and rats exploded, due to them living in houses, in areas where they could not be noticed.

To this end, Governor-General Brendan O'Brien released a statement on December 31 that all mice and rats were, quote, the "devil's pets" and must be exterminated "at all costs". The Governor-General acquired a small number of cats, and after what had the trappings of a full-fledged military operation was concluded, the mice infestation was ended.

The Renfrewian "Militia" has never been involved in any actual war with any nation.

Foreign Relations

The Confederation of Renfrew maintains informal relations with the Athela, due to the Representess of Athela expressing interest in the cultural and deep-thinking society of Renfrew Confederation. The Renfrew Confederation is very close to the Holy Empire of New Israel, and is traditionally allied with New Israel.

Active diplomacy


Würtige Empire

Geography and Climate

The Confederation of Renfrew owns a vast swath of grassland and forests, which during the summer and spring seasons are inhabited by various animals such as deer, which a annul Renfrew tradition is hunting season, to hunt Deer. Ducks and Geese inhabit the grasslands and ponds and lakes in Renfrew. Along with this, eight species of bats exist in Renfrew County, 3 of which migrate south during the winter, while five live year-round. All bat species are endangered and are protected by the Renfrewian Animal Protection Act, which decrees that hunting or harming Bat species is illegal and punishable by prison time.

Religion and culture

Catholicism is the official religion of Renfrew. However, while most (if not all) of the population is Catholic, all religions, with a few exceptions are welcomed in Renfrew, due to the fear of becoming a theocracy. Satanism, Radical Islam, and Pseudo-Christian cults such as Protestantism and Westboroism are suppressed, however, due to their anti-moral ways.

Renfrew Confederation maintains well-kept Schools dedicated to acting and painting, in order to encourage "cultural conduct" in Renfrew, and regularly puts in plans for plays to be displayed at the O'Brien (no relation to the Governor-General)Theatre.


All Canadian news channels and networks are shown in order to temporarily fill the gap without a actual news network for Renfrew County. However, an account exists on that speaks for the micronation, operated by Governor-General Brendan O'Brien I himself.