Humanytarian Vanguard Party

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Vanguard Party Of Humanytaria and Nedland
Supreme Comrade Radia
Founded 25 May 2016
Headquarters Comrade Club near L19, Humanytaria
Newspaper Trots News
Youth wing Comrade Club
Membership  (eternal) 2
Ideology Marxism
Official colours Red

The Vanguard Party of Humanytaria and Nedland is a Libertarian-Marxist-Leninist functioning party within both Humanytaria and Nedland. Its core philosophy is based on the teachings gathered from the communist manifesto and Das Kapital, which are both written by Karl Marx. The Vanguard Party believes that workers should control the means of production rather than the state and/or private entities. It works upon centrally planning Humanytaria and Nedland in order to compensate for a dictatorship of the proleterate.


The vanguard party seeks to reform and accelerate an inevitable transition between Nedlandic social democracy and full-on communism. They wish to do this with implications of cultural Marxism, whereby the social inferstucture and education system soften any national pride and right wing strongholds (Not to be confused with the conspiracy; Vanguard Party cultural Marxism is a purely voluntary way to transact and students under a future regime would often be encouraged to question).


The vanguard party has a large voice in Humanytaria. This stems from the fact that its leader is both founder and current president of Humanytaria. It opperates on a milder form of its Nedlandic principles and wishes to give justice to the base of the micronation rather than subscribe to a full-on Marxist principle. It encourages freedom of religion, freedom over personal labour and freedom of speech (hate speech is not tollerated on a formal level, however).