State of Humanytaria

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Republic of Humanytaria
Coat of arms
Motto: Live Humanities Be Humanities
Anthem: Let's Stand
File:45°35'31.2"N 18°54'16.9"E
Official languagesBazzillian, English, Swedish and Spanish
Demonym(s)Humanytarii, Humanytarian
GovernmentLibertarian Socialist, Egoist
• President
Radia Crann
• Prime Minister
Grace Peace
LegislatureAssembly of Humanytarian Egoists
EstablishmentApril 2015
• Census
CurrencyReni (r)
Time zone(UTC)
This country is a member of the International of Leftist Parties

Humanytaria (Bazzillian: Humanitara) is a semi-democratic federal republic of the Paravian Federal Empire claiming half of Pocket 3 along the Danube, a large set of rock islands in Tossa de Mar and a small island on Nant-y-moch reservoir in central Wales.[1]


On 2 May 2015, Humanytaria declared independence in a formal manner followed by a speech orchestrated by the self-appointed president known as 'Radia I'. The original claim was to the entire pocket 3 However, circumstances had led Humanytaria to partition the region, taking claim to the south.[2]

Ideological Revolution

Prior to April 2016, Humanytaria had been socially and economically centrist with ideas for a mixed economy. This changed in mid 2016, however, when Humanytaria adopted a Libertarian Socialist stance which triggered a provoking of the constitution and therefore a necessary re-write of the legal documents under the consent of the president. Plans are to release a new document of authority in earky August under the name 'ysgrythur gyfraith'.


On the 21/07/2016, President Radia I signed the treaty of Nyros, binding several micronations under a Federated Empire. This sparked an early election which is to be held on 26/07/2016. In addition to this, Humanytaria adapted its voting system to cumulative wherein a voter places the candidates in a line from 'most preferable' to 'least preferable'.


Humanytaria has adopted a simple form of semi-democracy. In which, most power is based around the people rather than the government. In order to compensate this, simple institutions have been set up in the realm, owned by the people. In addition to this, due to the size of Humanytaria, every person is a bureaucrat, or, in other words, each citizen has a job to fill (e.g.: infrastructure) and they must compile what is needed to complete the task.

The court exists under the ministry of justice (owned collectivelly by the assembly), which was prevented large amounts of power by the previous constitution. The administration of law and justice in Humanytaria is undergoing changes in line with the new constitution. In most cases the court has one job - give a verdict on the proposal/situation in the court at the time.



The national assembly consists of 7 members. One of which is the president and the rest are the elected members of the assembley (abbreviated as MHA) of Humanytaria. Humanytaria uses a cumulative system of voting.

Below is a chart of the current seats in parliament:

Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader
Socialist Originals 2015 Social Democracy Left
4 / 9
Peace Party 2015 Socialism Left
2 / 9
Conservational Party 2015 Conservative Liberalism Right
1 / 9
Zoe 'of Humanytaria'

And for the General Committee, the group of people who represent the constituencies.

Name Logo Ideology Position Seats Party
Sim Libertarianism Right
1 / 3
'Nelson' Peacekeeping, ecologist Left
1 / 3
Peace Party
Cam Patriotic, Social Libertarian, Left
1 / 3

Elections 2015

On 11 September 2015, an election was cast in ROLN, Humanytaria. The Peace party came out the overall winners by one vote.

Foreign Relations

Unilateral recognition

  • All UN member states
  • Celestinia
  • Enclava

Mutual recognition as a micronational entity

Bilateral relations

Alliances are not accepted as it is believed one must first have a strong relation with another state, something no mutually recognised state is yet to achieve.


Humanytaria is divided with 5 semi-autonomous districts.

Picture Name Annexed Population
Districts of Humanytaria
Llnuntynia 2 May 2015 0
Bowden 21 April 2016 0
L19 23 April 2015 1
Kropotkintun 2 August 2015 2
Roca de Mar 3 July 2016 0
Towns of Humanytaria


Food and drink

The traditional snack in Humanytaria is the Scouting damper or 'dampershaut'. Normally served with jam or roasted marshmallows, the traditional damper consists of only water and flour. Nether the less, the damper is known to be popular worldwide and is the official national food of Humanytaria.

The Nerro, Humanytarias currency


The currency of Humanytaria is the Nerro, however the Pound Sterling (L19 only) and euro are also accepted.


Bazzillian, used for ceremonial purpouses and informal conversations, is currently being translated into fluent English. You can try translating sentences in the present tense here: [1]


The national holidays of Humanytaria differ from those of the majority of macro-nations, although Humanytaria celebrates the most profound and encouraged celebrations (Christmas, etc.), they also have their own celebration, known as 'Celebration Day', celebrated on 16 May annually.


Humanytaria holds its own news company known as the Humanytarian Press. The Press release Humanytarian opinions on many events, but mainly on things specifically to Humanytaria. They also have the Ganstijden, a formal news outlet updated weekly.

National Music

Humanytaria has its own version of the internationale:

stanc kolp, maan ana pather, noso wulk wit nososaftei e maddison, tu no huld yun A e lif vunno, blod maan, vunno! okk Du homun concont oe chet fuir A matt Du blok luzzer U finalder oes frundnok und A matt Du empinae falj!

cull I hermon und hermas, okk oes faiiza Du lass faiiza U fet Du internationale connecto okk oes Du homun ! comrades, okk oes rally okk oes faiiza Du lass faiiza U fet Du internationale connecto okk oes Du homun !

Humanytaria also has its own folk song - okk oes A bet which is played on the guitar and uses an extract of Romanza with a unique picking pattern.


Cam is the chief commander of the armed forces. Humanytaria has 5 different sections in the H.A.A:

  • General

A commander of commanders

  • Commander

The highest ranked front-line soldier.

  • Navy/Air force/Front-line

The normal soldier.

  • Reserve

Only needed in a case of war and national emergency. Only semi-professional.


To apply for citizenship, one must visit here: [2]. It takes around a week for the applicant to be replied to.