Kingdom of Loquntia

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Kingdom of Loquntia
Regno d'Gianu
Kooningsrek Welkuunlôndu
Reino Locunteño

The National StandardState Coat of Arms

"Free dagani"
(Thoodish: Free in death)

"Dieu et mon droit"
(French): God and my right)

"God Save The King"
(National Adaptation)

"The Liberty Bell" - John Philip Sousa
(Military Anthem)

North America
Capital cityLiberty City, Principality of Norling
Largest citySt. Peter (Disputed)
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Thoodish, Loquntian Bastard Latin, Norling (historical), Lokúnta (historical)
Official religion(s)Christianity, Cherokee Spiritualism, Agnosticism
Short nameLoquntia
DemonymLoquntian, Welkuuner, Locunteño
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- The SovereignHM King John I
- Governor-GeneralVacant
LegislatureThe Parliament
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 10
- Last election - November 28, 2015
EstablishedJanuary 21, 2012 (Loquntia Day)
Area claimed~500 sq. ft.
Population30 (2015 Estimation)
CurrencyLoquntian Crown (₰), U.S. Dollar ($)
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (UTC+6 Sierra)
National dishChicken Fried Bacon
National drinkPrince of Wales Tea, Dandelion & Burdock
National animalYellow Naped Amazon Parrot

Government Website or Email (For citizenship information and diplomatic contact.)

The Kingdom of Loquntia is a micronation founded in 2012 by its current king, HRH King John L.R.&.Esq.. It was founded on the pretense that it would be "Rightfully damn pretty"[1]

Originally named after the failed constructed language "Loqunta", Loquntia was founded as a simple dictatorship and has since developed into a constitutional monarchy.


The Archaic Era

Originally founded in an 8th-grade classroom, it was founded as a dictatorship without a constitution, and without a unified code of law.

The Constitutional Dictatorship

After The Crown of Loquntia issued marriages and entitled citizens under the crown, The Crown eventually chartered its national archives system, The Library of Blue Ink. During a dormant state, all archives were lost, among which was The Grand Book of Public Record, numerous court cases, and the only 3 surviving dictionaries of the original national language, Loqunta.

The Vexillum of the Principality of Norling

The Purge Act of 2014

The Purge Act refers to a battery of measures taken by the Crown to restore lost archives. The Minister of Public Records was forcibly removed from his duty and his citizenship was one of many revoked. Then, an election was held in which people voted for their representatives in parliament.

The Constitutional Monarchy

Following the Purge Act of 2014, HM King John I went on to draft a constitution which, much like that of the United States of America, guarantees each citizen a set of rights and pillars the government on three branches, the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, respectively. The Modern Republic of the Kingdom of Loquntia refers to the Crown of Loquntia, and the Principality of Norling.

The Crown of Loquntia, in addition to conducting and granting Christian marriages, also issues knighthoods, lordships, honors, and two honours in law, one being the Royal Doctorate and Esquire [L.R.&.Esq.] and the Royal Doctorate Legal Minor [L.R.LL.m.]. Also, there are titular positions based on merit, such as knighthoods, lordships, among others, each with its own special entitlements.

Inactivity Following 2017

Following May 2017, King John I announced his dismissal of himself from several social and political positions within the micronational world. This was done without any prospect of return, or of the return of Loquntia to a public state.

Armed Forces

Currently the land claimed by The Republic of The Kingdom of Loquntia constitutes a Military Encampment 0-30 in The United States of America which is part of the administrative area of the Principality of Norling. It has been planned that The Royal Military will claim more territory either through invasion or by willful amnesty.

The Army

The Flag of The Royal Army

The Royal Army has not enlisted soldiers for three and a half years; the current administration is undergoing reconstruction.

The Navy

The Flag of The Royal Navy

The naval fleet is currently undergoing a change in its administration as well.

HM Special Police

The Loquntian Special Police are a group of armed personnel who work as metropolitan police when necessary. The typical job of policing is carried out by citizens and not a unified police force. The main purpose of the HMSP is as bailiffs for the Supreme Court system.


All three of the national languages are documented and regulated by the Library of Blue Ink (though there is a strong stigma against the regulation of language).

Loquntian English

Loquntian English (often referred to as Cavalier) is the most predominantly-spoken language in Loquntia. It descends from the dialect of English spoken in the Southern United States but all spellings are reminiscent of British English.


Lochintian is the fifth and most recent iteration of the Library of Blue Ink's constructed language project, being influenced heavily by the Romance language, including mostly Occitan, Italian, and Latin nuances. It is expected that more implications for the language will be created. As for practicality, King John I states "it really just seems like the kind of thing that would look good on a road sign".


The least popular, yet most personal language in Loquntia is Norling, it is not as popular as English and Spanish and is therefore mainly ceremonial. Being employed primarily for formal code-switching, no national laws are written in Norling. Norling is, however the liturgical language of the Elder Church of Ash, being used in conjunction with Lochintian.

Loquntian Operations

Immigration and Passports


All passports issued by The Crown have been revoked as of January 1, 2014 according to the Purge Act. "World Citizens" as defined by the United Nations Assembly Adopted Resolution 214A (III) who have a world passport issued by the World Service Authority will not be issued a visa with such a passport.[2] Currently passports are being issued to all Loquntian citizens upon request for a fee of ₰1.00 (approximately $15–20 USD or £10 GBP).


Immigration requires an application system in which persons applying must fit a set of criteria. Citizenship forms are available on the government website. Special accommodations for immigration are available for religious and political refugees from the Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, among others. Dual citizenships are granted for citizens of The United States, The United Kingdom, and other micronations specified the Classification of Persons Act.[3]

Diplomatic Affairs


Nation Relationship Status
Republic of Sandy Glinka
Republic of Sandy Glinka
Mutual Recognition, Extradition, Allied Mutually Effective Since Friday, Jun. 26, 2015 at 11:34 AM
Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu
Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu
Mutual Recognition, Extradition, Mutual Defence, Partially Politically Incompatible Mutually Effective Since Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 3:45 AM
Universal Triumvirate
Universal Triumvirate
Pioneers of Mutual Defence and Peace Pact (MDPP) Mutually Effective Since Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 at 11:24 AM
Kingdom of Shorewell Flag.jpg
Shorewellese Empire
Mutual Recognition, Allied Mutually Effective Since Monday, Jun. 13, 2016


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