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Bazzillian is a micro national language spoken across some countries belonging to TGDOU and Humanytaria. The language itself originated from the former Kingdom of Bazzillia (now Humanytaria) and is usualy used in ceremonies. When last counted, it had around 3 4th language speakers and 1 3rd language speaker.

In context

It uses the Greek alphabet and some Roman letters however it is normally written in its Romanic form.

  • Hello Harac
  • Goodbye Gutbui
  • Yes Va
  • No Niev
  • How are you? Hut era vostron
  • Good Gal
  • Bad Bahl
  • Medium Mid
  • Thank you Dunks
  • My name is Mit neim ech
  • What about you Da tou?
  • I have .... Years Inkle ..... Yarct