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Total population
Regions with significant populations
 w:Switzerland 15
 Nedland 2
 w:Egypt ?
 w:Poland ?

Litvanian, Polish, Uzbek


Roman Catholicism

Litvanians are a West Slavic ethnic group indigenous to the Switzerland region, originally coming from Poland. Litvanians mainly originated from Litvenya, a traditional ethnic region located in Versoix, near Geneva. Michal Nowacki and Komron Aripov are two prominent Litvanians.

Litvanians originally resided in the Republic of Litvania, which went defunct in 2015. Now, the large majority of Litvanians live in Switzerland, but two live within Nedland. An unknown number may also live in Cairo, Egypt. Litvanians are currently a recognized minority in Nedland - all of them living in the Mosavia region.