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Frederick Stanislaus Augustus of Litvania

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Frederick Stanislaus Augustus
Fryderyk Stanisław August
Frederikas Stanislovas Augustas
King of Litvania
Król Litwański
Lietvanos karalius
Frederick Augustus in the uniform of the Royal Foot Guards' Regiment.
Official 2022 Portrait

King of Litvania, etc.
Reign16 September 2022 – present
PredecessorHimself as Grand Duke

Grand Duke of Litvania, etc.
Reign29 November 2020 – 16 September 2022
PredecessorMonarchy established
Born13 April 2003 (2003-04-13) (age 21)
Geneva, Switzerland
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Frederick Stanislaus Augustus of Jastrzębiec coat of arms; born 13 April 2003, is a Litvanian micronationalist, statesman, and politician from Geneva, Switzerland. He is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Litvania, which he originally founded in April 2016 as the Republic of Litvania. He is also the co-monarch of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth, alongside his co-monarch Charles, King of Cheskgariya, which he founded with Christian Newton in November 2020. He is involved in a number of micronational projects, and holds office in a small number of nations. He often acts as a diplomat for his own nation, serving as the ambassador for a number of nations, and as the Secondary Delegate for the Commonwealth in the Grand Unified Micronational.

Early life

Frederick Stanislaus Augustus was born in Geneva, Switzerland on 13 April 2003 to a Polish immigrant family. He spent the first few years of his life there, before his family moved to Cairo, Egypt. Frederick spent most of his childhood in Cairo, which greatly influenced his view of the world and outlook on foreign cultures and religions. His family returned to Switzerland in 2015, where he has lived ever since. Frederick attended a private international school in Versoix, which added to his international upbringing. His family's travels around Europe, the Middle East, and North America have contributed to his shaping worldview.

Raised in a patriotic tradition, he displayed an interest in history and politics from an early age, with his first fictional nation projects beginning around the age of 10. He celebrates many aspects of his Polish nationality, which has greatly shaped his ethnic and cultural identity. He grew up a Roman Catholic, and has had a complex and often fraught relationship with religion since his teenage years.

Micronational career

Early projects

Frederick's first micronational project was the short-lived Republic of Michalland, which existed between December 2015 and April 2016. This project was then renamed the Republic of Litvania in May, and lasted until around June, when the creator and then-Prime Minister lost interest in the project. During this short-lived experience, he made a number of acquaintances in the community, and became a citizen of many micronations. He participated in other nations' political affairs, but did not do so actively for an extended period of time. In mid-August 2016, he attempted to merge Litvania into the Noble Republic of Lurk as a canton, but this attempt failed. By September 2016, he had left the micronational sphere.

Frederick re-appeared on the MicroWiki forums in January 2018, expressing an interest in reviving his old nation, but did not follow through on his statements. He stated this was because of mild interest and surging school commitments.

Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth

Main article: Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth

In early 2020, Frederick was approached by micronationalist Christian Newton with an interest in continuing the project, which he agreed to. They merged two countries of theirs into the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.[1] They reigned together until July 2021, when Christian abdicated and Charles Burgardt was elected King.

Since Newton's departure, Frederick has positioned himself as the creator and visionary of the project. Even while reigning with Newton, he was the most active and initiating personality in the nation, often proposing laws and initiating discussions. His international upbringing have influenced his vision, which has been described as a revival of the 18th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a voluntary multinational, multicultural, and multireligious union of states.[2] He has overseen the growth of the Commonwealth from an irrelevant novelty into a relatively well-established nation in the MicroWiki sector. He has often advocated for his nation's position in the community, and has acted as the main diplomatic force in the nation's interest. His earlier connections from 2016 made him a recognizable figure for many established micronationalists.

He oversaw the royal election of July 2021 in the Commonwealth, which was organized after the abdication of the incumbent King of Cheskgariya, Christian. He was criticized in private by other micronationalists, such as Varuna Sriraya, for the move, and accused of behind-the-scenes politicking intended to oust the incumbent. He responded to the accusations by pointing out that Newton's inactivity had become a paralyzing impediment to continued governance.

After Burgardt's election as the King, their joint reign has seen large growth and slow but steady development of the nation.

State of Vishwamitra

Frederick met the monarch of Vishwamitra, Varuna Sriraya, in early 2021, shortly after announcing his own nation's existence to the broader community. Roy invited Frederick to his nation's Discord server, and he promptly received his first official duties as a citizen of the nation, attending a conference on the Rashtradhyakh's behalf. For this, he received the Order of the Lotus. His relationship with the monarch developed quickly, and after a few weeks of cooperation, Frederick was made Minister of Defence, and ennobled. Frederick has also held the position of Deputy Prime Minister of Vishwamitra, Minister of External Affairs, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and Minister of Science and Technology. He attained the rank of Duke in the national peerage system, and served as a member of both the House of the People and the House of Councillors before the disbanding of these chambers. By any account, he was a friend and close associate of the monarchy, and an accomplished politician.[3]

Frederick's relationship with the ruler was complicated and progressively deteriorated over the years which he served in the nation. Differences in political vision, personality clash, and personal feuding led the two to break unofficial ties in July 2022. Roy withdrew as a citizen of the Commonwealth, and Frederick renounced his Vishwamitran titles and citizenship in return. Diplomatic relations between the two states remain untouched.

Other nations

Frederick has not served to any significant extent in any other nation, but has filled the functions listed below in the following nations.

Kingdom of Sayville

Frederick joined Sayville in early 2021, and was initially a diplomat for his home nation. After gaining favor with the monarch, King Charles, he rose to become Minister of Cartographic Affairs and later Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Sayville. The office of Cartography minister was largely ceremonial, and a relic of the Sayvillian kingdom's days on the fictional world platform NationStates. For his services and friendship with the monarch, he was inducted as a member of the Order of the Sayvillian Lion on 18 April 2021, the King's birthday.[4]

Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis

Frederick was invited to the Kingdom by it's founder, Jayden I, and as with many other instances, began his service as a diplomat for the Commonwealth. He later became a citizen, was ennobled as the Earl of Kraków, and in the New Year's Honors of 2021 was granted the pre-nominal honorifics of Maharlika and Kassanga.[5] He participated in the 2022 Constitutional Convention, where he advised the monarch of appropriate forms of legislative assembly, and aided in the drafting of certain clauses of the Constitution of Novus Hierosolymis, specifically regarding sovereignty and citizen rights.

Monmarkian Commonwealth

Frederick joined the Monmarkian Commonwealth in early 2021. His progressive liberal views did not gain him many favors with the ruler, Alexander I Constantine; who maintained a conservative court, but he was nevertheless made a peer, and serves in the Privy Council. As a member thereof, he took part in discussions surrounding abortion rights in the Commonwealth, and defended the rights of LGBT people. Frederick created his own party during Monmark's brief experiment with democracy, the social-democratic Radical Liberals, but gained no seats in the July 2021 elections.

Grand Unified Micronational

Shortly after the formation of the Commonwealth, Frederick began advocating that it be admitted to the Grand Unified Micronational, on grounds of participation in the wider micronational community, and to increase the nation's visibility. After making contact with Anthony Clark, the Commonwealth was voted into the organization as an observer state in March 2021. The Commonwealth was voted in as a member state on 15 August. Initially, Frederick served with Carson Snyder as delegates, but after Snyder withdrew from the position, Charles was made a secondary delegate, and the two serve in the GUM to this day. Frederick represented the Commonwealth at the 24 Hour Quorum in 2021.

Political views

Frederick Stanislaus Augustus' political views have been the subject of debate and controversy. He personally identifies as a liberal. He has rejected any association with extremist ideologies of any type.

His international upbringing and experiences have greatly shaped his views on the world. He maintains a generally center-left stance on most issues, occasionally diverging to either the left-wing or center-right. He supports LGBT+ rights, abortion rights, feminism, and other progressive social causes. He favors mixed economies with strong regulation of large corporations, and strong environmental protections. He views the current state of world as in need of deep and wide-ranging reform, and supports reform movements, especially in his native Poland. He is in support of international organizations, such as the UN and EU, and has admitted his own Commonwealth into the micronational Grand Unified Micronational.

Personal life

Frederick Stanislaus Augustus lives in the Netherlands, where he studies industrial engineering. He is a practising Roman Catholic. On 16 September 2022, he was elected as Member of the Royal Historical Society.[6]

Titles, styles, and arms

For a list of honors and awards, see List of honours received by Frederick Stanislaus Augustus, King of Litvania.

Titles and styles

Styles of
Frederick Stanislaus Augustus, King of Litvania
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSir

 Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth
  • In English: Frederick Stanislaus Augustus by the Grace of God King of Litvania, Grand Duke of Pomerania, Duke of Nadveria, Kiyevia, Ingria, Frisia, and the Kresy, Lord of Loravia, Trakai, Varia, Livonia, Podolia, and Zagoria, Chancellor of the Royal Order of the Knights of Saint Stanislaus, of the Order of the White Eagle, and of the War Order Virtus Militaris.
  • In Polish: Fryderyk Stanisław August Z Bożej Łaski Król Litwański, Wielki Książę Pomorski, Książę Nadwierski, Kijowski, Izorianski, Fryski, i Kresowy, Możnowładca Lorawski, Trocki, Nowogródzki, Inflancki, Podolski, i Zagórski, Kanclerz Orderu Królewskiego Rycerskiego Świętego Stanisława, Orderu Orła Białego, oraz Orderu Wojennego Virtus Militaris.
  • In Latin: Fridericus Stanislaus Augustus Dei Gratia Rex Litvaniae Magnus Dux Pomeraniae Dux Nadveriae Kieviae Ingriae Frisiae et Palatinatum Orientalium, Dominus Loraviensis Tracaiensis Novocastiliensis Livoniensis Podoliensis et Zagoriensis, Cancellarius Ordinum Regalium Equestrianum Sancti Stanislai Ordinum Albi Aquilae et Ordinum Militaris Virtus.
 Kingdom of Sayville
  • Mr. Michal N., Minister of Foreign Affairs.
 State of Vishwamitra (held until July 2022)
  • His Excellency The Right Honourable Raj Ratna Paramdeshabandhu Lieutenant General Shri Michal N., Duke of Stettin, etc.
 Most Holy Kingdom of Novus Hierosolymis
  • The Right Honorable Maharlika Kasangga The Earl of Kraków AECV GCSa
 Monmarkian Commonwealth
  • The Right Honorable, Count N. of Kraków.

Standards and arms

Arms of dominion

Armorial achievement as King of Litvania.

Personal arms

Shield as a noble in Vishwamitra.
Armorial achievement as a Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Hibiscus.


Standard as King of Litvania.
Banner as Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Hibiscus


Monogram as King of Litvania


Coat of arms of Frederick Stanislaus Augustus of Litvania
A helmet with a coronet mounted.
Quarterly Gules, 1st and 4th between a horseshoe reversed a cross patée Argent, 2nd and 3rd a double-cross of the second


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Frederick Stanislaus Augustus of Litvania
House of Litvania
Born: 13 April 2003
Royal titles
Preceded by
Throne Established
King of Litvania
15 November 2020 – present
Succeeded by