Monarchy of Cheskgariya-Litvania

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King of Cheskgariya
Król Czesarski
since 31 July 2021
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveNone, elective.
First monarchChristian
Formation22 November 2020
ResidenceUsgarn, Cheskgariya
King of Litvania
Król Litwański
Frederick Stanislaus Augustus
since 22 November 2020
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveNone.
First monarchFrederick Stanislaus Augustus
Formation22 November 2020
16 September 2022 as King.
ResidenceLoravia, Litvania

The Monarchy of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth, formally the Crown of the Kingdoms of Cheskgariya and Litvania, commonly also the Crown, is the constitutional form of government of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. The Crown consists of two persons, namely the King of Cheskgariya and the King of Litvania. This makes the two persons co-monarchs. The current monarchs are Charles and Frederick Stanislaus Augustus

The monarchs are constitutionally delegated as part of the executive branch of the Commonwealth's government. Together with the Crown Council, they act in unison to enact and grant royal assent to laws passed by the Sejm. The monarchs are also the nominal Commanders-in-Chief of the Commonwealth Forces. The monarchs have the power to issue royal decrees in order to grant nobility and honors, recognize foreign nations, and other immediate measures. The monarchy of Cheskgariya-Litvania is a combination of hereditary and elective monarchy, as the Kingdom's monarch is elected by the entire Commonwealth's citizenry, while the Litvanian monarchy is entirely hereditary. The monarchs also act separately as the heads of the individual states of Cheskgariya and Litvania.

The monarchy traces its origins to the Republic of Litvania, a micronation founded in 2016 by Michal Nowacki, who in 2020 merged it with the Kingdom of Cheskgariya, which was owned by Christian Newton. The two nations were merged to create the joint monarchy. After Christian's abdication on 19 July 2021, Charles Burgardt was elected King by the citizens of the nation, and is the current monarch.

Election of the King

The unique aspect of the joint monarchy is the universal election of the monarch of Cheskgariya. The monarch is elected by the entire citizenry of the Commonwealth, including the citizens of Litvania. This is because while the monarch serves Cheskgariya, they serve as co-monarch to the entire Commonwealth. The monarch serves until their death or abdication. Cheskgariya's first monarch, Christian, abdicated his throne on 19 July 2021.


Any individual must satisfy the following conditions in order to be able to run for the throne of Cheskgariya:

  • The individual must be a citizen of the Commonwealth.
  • The individual must reside in one of the States of the Commonwealth.
  • The individual must not be related to a previous reigning monarch.
  • The individual must be above the age of 16.

Any individual may have their participation in the elections revoked if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The individual has notified the Electoral Commission and Regent that they do not wish to be elected.
  • The individual has been declared ineligible or unfit to rule by the Supreme Court.

Election proceedings

The election proceedings begin upon the notification of the King of Litvania that their co-monarch has died or abdicated. In the event of death, a mourning period of one week is normally observed. The Grand Duke is then made Regent, and tasked with organizing and overseeing the elections. This normally involves the formation of an Electoral Commission, chaired by the Regent, and consisting of members of both the Crown Council and Sejm, and members of the public. The Commission is responsible for the proper conduct of the elections, and is overarchingly answerable for any problems with the proceedings.

Upon the formation of the Commission, the Commission will draft a declaration of vacancy for the throne, and invite candidates to present themselves for registration, and for the election cycle to begin. The election uses ranked-choice voting, and the candidate with the largest number of first-choice votes wins in the first round. If this does not occur, the voting process continues until a winner is declared.

Upon victory, the elected candidate is given the title of King/Queen-elect, which remains until their formal enthronement.


Upon their enthronement, the King/Queen-elect give the following oath to the Sejm:

“I, n.n., having been made the possessor of the throne of n.n., [swear to Almighty God in the Holy Trinity single/solemnly and most personally affirm] that I shall respect the laws and statutes of the Sejm and all laws of the Commonwealth and its states, respect the will of the people in the determination of their own fate, respect the institutions and principles of the realms, respect the sacrality of the Republic, and that I shall fulfil my duties as head of state and executive officer of the Commonwealth to the best of my abilities and will.”

The choice of whether to swear an oath or to solemnly affirm is up to the individual candidate.

Titles and styles

The monarch of Cheskgariya is formally styled His/Her Majesty. In the event of a non-binary monarch, it has been decided by custom that they shall be styled Their Majesty followed by their title of Sovereign.

Powers and functions

The powers and functions of the monarchy are described in the Constitution of Cheskgariya-Litvania:

  • The monarchs are the joint heads-of-state of the Commonwealth.
  • The monarchs are the commanders-in-chief of the military.
  • The monarchs have the prerogative to:
    • Grant and revoke citizenship.
    • Issue warrants of election or appointment.
    • Issue royal decrees, but on specified issues, including:
      • Appointment and dismissal of Crown Councillors.
      • Granting honors and ennoblements.
      • Recognizing foreign nations.
  • The monarchs are the chief diplomats of the Commonwealth.
  • The monarchs together with the Crown Council are accountable to the Sejm.
  • All public acts, tribunals, courts of law, and currency go in the Crown's name.

List of monarchs

List of monarchs of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth
No King of Cheskgariya Reign Time in office No King of Litvania Reign Time in office
1 Christian 22 November 2020 - 19 July 2021 7 months, 27 days. 1 Frederick Augustus 22 November 2020 – present 3 years, 4 months and 26 days
2 Charles 19 July 2021 – present 2 years, 8 months and 29 days