Kingdom of Cheskgariya

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Kingdom of Cheskgariya
Królestwo Czesarii (Polish)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Se Dio estas kyn ni, kiy estas kontrał ni?" (Cheskgariyan)
If God is with us, who is against us?
Official languages
Ceremonial languagesCheskgariyan
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Premier
Daniel Quintero
• Established
29 November 2020
• Abdication of Christian I and enthronement of Charles
31 July 2021
Time zoneUTC-05:00 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-04:00 (EDT)
Date format
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideright

The Kingdom of Cheskgariya, or Cheskgariya for short, is a federal parliamentary elective monarchy and a micronation with claims in North Carolina in the United States. It is currently in real union with the Grand Duchy of Litvania under the common Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. It was promulgated by micronationalist Christian Newton on the 29 November 2020, after merging with the existing Republic of Litvania. The capital city of Cheskgariya is Usgarn, which is also the largest city, the centre of administration, and the seat of the King. Cheskgariya's official language is English, though Cheskgariyan is recognized as a regional and ceremonial language.


Cheskgariya was established in late 2020 as a cultural organization, but was later merged with the Republic of Litvania to create the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. Christian Newton, having previously served as the Prime Minster of Litvania, became the head of state of the Kingdom upon its merger. Between 11 March and 17 April 2021, the King was indisposed to rule, causing a state of regency to be declared.

Geography and climate

Cheskgariya is located on the outermost bank of the island of Cape Hatteras. This means it is characterised by a humid subtropical climate of the Köppen Cfa classification. Pre-independent Cheskgariya has been labeled as a deadly trap for sailors and seafarers that have sailed its coast for centuries. The stretch of the island's shore is home to over 600 shipwrecks, due to the constantly shifting sandbars of the Hatteras isles. The sandbars shift due to rough waves and unpredictable currents year-round.


The King of Cheskgariya is elected by the members of parliament (the Sejm) and acceded by the members of the cabinet (the Crown Council) upon the death or abdication of any incumbent monarch, as opposed to the Grand Duke of Litvania, who is a hereditary monarch. The Sejm is responsible for proposing and passing laws, and has a strict accountability system for the monarchy. The King and the Grand Duke are co-monarchs, meaning they rule as two people, but act as one crown. This is despite their unequal status as King and Grand Duke.


Cheskgariya is home to a single naval detachment that is responsible for the residence of the King, and surrounding areas. This detachment is nicknamed the "King's Own", as they report directly the King, as opposed to the General Staff.


Cheskgariyan culture can be described as being largely western-European, with strong elements of Slavic tradition. King Christian Newton, a speaker of English, Russian, and German, comes from a long line of English and German nobility, so his family traditions have long been incorporated into Cheskgariyan culture. Being a member of a commonwealth that reflects the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Cheskgariya also has a strong Slavic culture. For example, the Cheskgariyan language incorporates many elements from the Polish language.


Though the Commonwealth speaks English as its primary language of communication and the state language, Polish is also used in a ceremonial capacity as a homage to the historical state and to maintain the Polish nature of the country. In Cheskgariya however, there is a distinct dialect spoken. This dialect can be described as an Eastern Romance language.

Example of Cheskgariyan

Kwankam la sztatkomynymo parolas la anglan kiel sia czefa lingwo de komynikado kaj la sztata lingwo, la pola ankał estas yzata en tseremonia kapatsito kiel omadżo al la historia sztato kaj por konserwi la polan natyron de la lando. En Czeskarijo tamen parolas klaran dialekton. Czi tiy dialekto powas esti priskribita kiel orienta latinida lingwo.

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