Crown Council

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Their Majesties' Crown Council
Rada Koronna ich Króleswkich Mości
The Lesser Coat of Arms of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth, used as the arms of most institutions.
MottoLatet secretum in honore (Latin: In privacy lies honour)
Formation22 November 2020
Chancellor of the CrownCharles Burgardt
Grand Duke of LitvaniaFrederick I
King of CheskgariyaChristian I
Royal Secretaries4

The Crown Council, formally Their Majesties' Most Honourable Crown Council, is the executive body (cabinet) of the government of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. It consists of the co-monarchs, the Chancellor or head of government, and the executive cabinet secretaries. Its members are appointed by the Chancellor of the Crown, who selects its members from the Sejm. Its main responsibility is drafting policy and proposing it to the Sejm to vote on, and enacting Sejm legislation. The Council has the executive power to enact royal decrees.

The Council acts as the second step for approval of legislation after the Sejm, the Commonwealth's legislative body. After a bill or law is passed by the Sejm, it is passed and enacted by the Council. Bills which are enacted by the Crown Council are also given royal assent at the same time. The Council does not have the authority to veto any legislation passed by the Sejm, nor any royal decree enacted by the co-monarchs.