Commonwealth Forces

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Royal and Commonwealth Army
Wojska Królewskie i Rzeczypospolitej
Emblem of the Commonwealth Armed Forces
Emblem of the Commonwealth Armed Forces
MottoTecum et pro te (Latin: With you and for you.)
Founded29th November 2020
Current form29th November 2020
Service branchesCommonwealth Army
HeadquartersLoravia (Army)
Secretary of DefensePrince Nowacki
Chief of the General StaffFrederick Stanislaus Augustus
Military age14

The Commonwealth Armed Forces, officially the Royal and Commonwealth Army, are the national armed forces of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. They consist of a single element - the Army. The Army is commanded by the Crown in name, but in practice by the General Staff, which oversees through various departments the operation and development of the Army.

Command structure

The Commonwealth Forces are commanded by the General Staff, an institution consisting of the most senior officers nominated by the head and confirmed by the crown. The General Staff is tasked with the continuous study of all aspects of intermicronational military operations, in order to ensure the up to date and continuous security of the Commonwealth. It has various departments, which each oversee a specific set of tasks:

  • The Command Cadre including the Chief of the General Staff and their subordinate officers.
  • First Department, responsible for organisation and manpower.
  • Second Department, responsible for intelligence and reconnaissance.
  • Third Department, responsible for logistics.
  • Fourth Department, responsible for planning and development of the Army itself.


The Army is the largest and most significant component of the Forces, in charge of protecting the Commonwealth's territorial claims from external or internal threats. The army is commanded by an appointed Field Marshal, a senior officer (most often a general) who has shown exceptional knowledge or skills of military operations, strategy, tactics, or organisation.


The Commonwealth uses the standard NATO system for soldier's and officer's ranks.