Kingdom of Litvania

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Kingdom of Litvania
Królestwo Litwańskie (Polish)
Lietvanos karalystes (Lithuanian)
Corona Regni Litvaniae (Latin)
Coat of arms
Motto: Legis ac Regis (Latin: Law and King)
and largest city
Official languagesOfficial: English and Polish
Regional: Lithuanian
Ceremonial: Latin
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Frederick Stanislaus Augustus
• Crown Voivode
Sander Koff
Establishment16 January 2022
• (July 2022) census
CurrencyLitvanian ducat.
Time zoneUTC+01:00
Preceded by

The Kingdom of Litvania, formally the Crown of the Kingdom of Litvania, is a self-proclaimed state, or micronation, located in Switzerland and Poland. It is currently in a real union with the Kingdom of Cheskgariya to form the common republic of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. As of July 2022, it has a resident population of 5, and a total population of 15. It's styling and theme takes large inspiration from the historical Kingdom of Poland.

The Litvanian state existed before the Commonwealth, most notably as the Republic of Litvania, a micronation which was active between April and June 2016. It's founder, Frederick Stanislaus Augustus, formed an emotional bond with the concept and idea of Litvania as his personal state and national creation, and so even after it's dissolution, the state's identity never disappeared.

It was revived in early 2018 and again in early 2020 upon approach by Christian Newton, and finally in November 2020 it was the republic was abolished and in its place a monarchical form of government was set up, with Nowacki as it's first and current hereditary Grand Duke. The Grand Duchy (later Kingdom) plays a large role in the Commonwealth, as it is the most populous and influential state of the union. The Kingdom uses a small unicameral legislature, the Sejmik, to enact state laws, and an executive headed by the King, known as the Guardianship of Laws.

The capital of the Kingdom, which is also a Free Royal City in the Commonwealth, is the city of Loravia, where the King lives with his family. It is located on the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland.



The Litvanian state has its origins in the early 2010s, though under different circumstances than normal. The original creator of Litvania started it as an imaginary worldbuilding project in his youth, under a different name. It slowly migrated into the geofictional space over time, ending up on online geofiction platforms like Opengeofiction, where it existed under another identity.

It was only in 2015 that Litvania was founded as a micronation.

Republic of Litvania

Around early 2016, the creator appeared on the MicroWiki forums, where he announced the creation of the Litvanian Republic, his own micronational project. It initially gained attention from a number of prominent figures in the community, but after two months of activity, the interest in the project diminished.


By late 2016, the Republic was essentially dead. The founder lost interest in micronationalism and engaged in other hobbies. The Litvanian idea faded away.

2018 Revival

In 2018, the founder resurfaced on the MicroWiki forums (at this point close to their closure) promising to reinvest time and energy into the project, but these promises were never followed through with.

2020 Revival

In January 2020, the founder was approached by Christian Newton, who promised to revive the nation as Prime Minister, to which position he was appointed later. Though Newton did little to increase activity during his almost 10 month tenure, he eventually conceded to the founder. In November of the same year, the two agreed to revive the nation as a Commonwealth entity in real union with another state. Newton agreed to make his yet-unannounced Kingdom of Cheskgariya the second state. The creator of Litvania agreed to make his nation a monarchy, as a Grand Duchy. As such, the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth was created.

Grand Duchy of Litvania

As part of the Commonwealth, the Grand Duchy initially dominated the union, as the state with a more developed identity and influence. The Grand Duke was the de facto leader of the union, despite nominal equality with the King of Cheskgariya. The history of Litvania thus largely coincided with the broader history of the Commonwealth during this period, as during much of the union.

Kingdom of Litvania


The political structure of the Kingdom is determined and described by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Litvania from January 2022.

Guardianship of Laws

The Guardianship of Laws forms the executive council or cabinet of the Kingdom, composed of ministers and the King together assembled.


The Sejmik is the legislature of the Kingdom, composed of the Deputies representing each constitutent part of the Kingdom.

Administrative divisions