Sejm (Cheskgariya-Litvania)

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Sejm of the Commonwealth

Sejm Rzeczpospolitej
2nd term
Logo of the Sejm.
Term limits
6 months
Founded22 November 2020
Preceded byThe Parliament of the Republic of Litvania
Last election
10 November 2021 (not actually conducted)
Last election
10 May 2021
Meeting place

The Sejm, formally The Sejm of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth, is the unicameral legislative body of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth. It is composed of the two state Sejmiks (small Sejms) of Cheskgariya and Litvania. It is convocated by the co-monarchs, on advice of the Chancellor, for a period of no less than 1.5 weeks at a time. Parliamentarians serve six month terms after a general election. Its primary purpose and responsibility is to decide on Commonwealth laws, distinct from state laws of Cheskgariya and Litvania. Its members can propose bills and debate them with other members. It is presided over by an officer known as the Marshal of the Sejm, who is elected by the Sejm itself after a general election. Their job is to organise Sejm proceedings and preside over debates and other Sejm business.

Interregnum Sejms

The Sejm plays a special role in the Commonwealth's governance after the death or abdication of a King of Cheskgariya. The Commonwealth Sejm is convocated by the Grand Duke of Litvania, in order to begin preparations for the election of a new King. There are three types of Sejm that exist during an interregnum - a convocation Sejm, an election Sejm, and a coronation Sejm. The Convocation Sejm, called upon by the Grand Duke, has as its responsibilities deciding dates for a Royal election, screening candidates, and preparing any special arrangements for the incoming monarch. Such a Sejm lasts one week. The Election Sejm exists while the elections are open and votes are being cast. The responsibilities of this Sejm shall be to proctor the voting procedure, collect voting statistics, and proclaim a victor of the Royal election. This Sejm lasts two to four days, depending on the voting period. The third and final type of Sejm is the Coronation Sejm, which oversees any special preparations for the coronation and inauguration of the incoming co-monarch.