Elijah, Grand Duke of Corollia

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Grand Duke of Corollia
Reign11 November 2019 – present
PredecessorThrone established
RegentDuke Ssorw
Mediator General of the League of Independent Nations
Assumed office
15 August 2022
Deputy Mediator of the League of Independent Nations
In office
27 April 2022 – 15 August 2022
Born1 April 2005 (2005-04-01) (age 18)
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Elijah, full name Elijah Lipsky, is the founder and the first and third Grand Duke of Corollia.

Monarchial styles

His Highness Elijah, Grand Duke of Corollia.

Monarchical styles of
Grand Duke Elijah I
Reference style His Highness
Spoken style Your Highness
Alternative style Sir


Elijah was born in 2005 in Ukraine.

The first micronation he ruled was South Sea Kingdom that was established in 2018 and was officialy defunct on January 1, 2020. He established Corollia on November 11, 2019.[1] And he is currently the Grand Duke of Corollia.

Activity in other micronations

Elijah is the Marshal of Sejm in the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.

Elijah was de facto acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Kirael since 8 August 2021 until the Accession of Kirael on 29 May 2022. He was also member of the State Assembly.



Flag as the Duke
Not used today
Standard as the Grand Duke