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This article is about the Kingdom of Sayville. For other Sayville-related articles, see Sayville (disambiguation).

Kingdom of Sayville
Royaume de Sayville (French)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Liberté, Égalité, et le Roi!" (French)
"Liberty, Equality, and the King!"
(Kingdom of Sayville highlighted in blue)
LocationSayville, New York
Official languages
  • Sayvillian
  • KOS citizen
GovernmentUnitary constitutional popular monarchy
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
Peter Joyce
LegislatureCouncil of Ministers
• Founded on NationStates
25 December 2018
7 January 2019
• Ratified the Treaty of the Sayvilles
7 January 2020
• Claimed
4.07 sq mi (10.5 km2)
Time zoneUTC-05:00 (SST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-04:00 (SDT)
Date format
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideright

The Kingdom of Sayville (French: Royaume de Sayville), commonly known as the KOS, is a landlocked micronation located in the Sayville Sector and a member of the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions. The Kingdom also maintains a presence on NationStates, where it was originally founded in 2018 before its introduction to micronationalism in 2019.


The Kingdom of Sayville derives its name from the hamlet of Sayville, New York. According to the Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce:

The community had no formal name until 1838 when residents gathered to choose a name for their post office, which had opened on March 22, 1837. Until that time, Sayville was known informally as 'over south'. The townspeople held a meeting to decide on a name, and after Edwardsville and Greensville tied in a vote, one resident suggested 'Seaville'. According to historical accounts, the clerk at that particular meeting did not know how to spell and had to go home and look in an old Bible he had brought from England years before. In the Bible, the word 'sea' was spelled 's-a-y', and 'Sayville' became the name he sent to Washington. After the error was discovered, the community sent a letter of protest to Washington D.C.; however, the Postmaster General responded that the name should stay 'Sayville', as there were many 'Seaville's in the world but no 'Sayville's. As a result, the name stuck. Incidentally, in some very old Bibles, the town name is also spelled 'S-a-v-i-l-l-e'.


The Kingdom of Sayville was established on NationStates on 25 December 2018. It was formed from the erstwhile Commonwealth of Sayville, whose citizens voted to re-establish their community as a constitutional monarchy with Charles Burgardt as their monarch. On 9 January 2019, the KOS and the Kingdom of West Sayville established the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions, a supranational union that would eventually expand to include other Sayvillian states, such as the Empire of Sayville and the Dominion of Sayville. The KOS—and the Commonwealth as a whole—joined the micronational community in July 2019, where it has remained active ever since.


The Kingdom of Sayville is a constitutional monarchy, with the King of the Sayvillians (Charles) as its head of state. However, the role of the monarch is limited to ceremonial and representative functions. Under the provisions of the Basic Law (the Kingdom's equivalent of a constitution), the King lacks any formal political power. As a result, the KOS is often characterized as a crowned republic.

Executive, legislative, and judicial power is vested in the Council of Ministers, a collegial body led by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sayville. The Prime Minister is the Kingdom's popularly-elected head of government and is primus inter pares among other members of the Council of Ministers, responsible for setting the council's agenda, appointing ministers to serve on the council, promulgating legislation (known as "Acts of Council"), and guiding ministers in the fulfillment of their duties and implementation of government policy. As the sole decision-making body in the Kingdom of Sayville, the council is the primary institution through which governance of the KOS is conducted.


Like other nations in the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions and Sayville Sector, the Kingdom of Sayville is known for its promotion of French culture and language, as well as its presence on NationStates. Given its geographic location, American culture also has a strong influence on the KOS, as seen in the Kingdom's use of American English, US customary units, and date and time conventions identical to those used in the United States.

Foreign relations

Excluding members of the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions, the Kingdom of Sayville maintains limited formal ties with the micronational community. The Kingdom's foreign affairs are dominated by policies of neutrality, pacifism, and non-interventionism. Nations that have bilateral ties with the KOS are listed below:

The KOS also maintains informal ties with Dominion of Sayville, a member of the CSR and an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Powhatan.

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