Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation

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Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation
State-owned enterprise
IndustryPublic broadcasting
Founded29 June 2020
FounderExecutive Council of the Dominion of Sayville
Area served
Dominion of Sayville
Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions
OwnerCrown of Powhatan
Number of employees

The Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation, also known as SBC/Radio-Sayville or just SBC, is a public Crown Corporation founded on 29 June 2020 to act as a public broadcasting and media outlet in the Dominion of Sayville which provides media in both French and English. It was created by the Sayvillian Broadcasting Act, which was written by Charles Burgardt, which outlined the purpose and responsibilities of the company, it also outlined that the company would be under the supervision of the Executive Council and Minister of Communications of the Dominion of Sayville. This act was passed and granted royal assent on 29 June 2020.[1]

Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation Northwood-Oregon

A subsidiary of the Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation, the Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation Northwood-Oregon, commonly referred to as SBCNO, was founded on 10 January 2021 as a way to promote relations between the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions and the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. The idea was pitched by Charles Burgardt to Carson Snyder, where it was met with immediate approval.

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