Duchy of Aeolia

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Duchy of Aeolia

Toledo, Ohio
Capital cityPolygone Neuf
Official language(s)English
Short nameAeolia
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- DukeGrant Bruns
Established10 November 2020
Area claimed0.816 km² (0.315 mi sq)
Population4 (18 March 2021)
Time zoneEST-4
National sportSpeedcubing
National dishJambalaya
National drinkSprite
National animalCapuchin monkey
The Duchy of Aeolia is part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

The Duchy of Aeolia is a member state of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was founded on 10 November 2020 by its Duke Grant Bruns and is located in Toledo, Ohio. It is notable for being the first member state with a leader from Toledo, the first member state being in Toledo, and the first member state west of the Maumee River. The Duchy of Aeolia also owns the state-company of Gruntioli Studios, which it aquired on 14 December. It is an absolute monarchy under Duke Grant.


The Duchy of Aeolia's name comes from the fact that it is a duchy and as a reference to the musical term, Aeolian mode. Duke Grant was studying musical theory when the question of naming the duchy came up, leading to the name Aeolia.



The Duchy of Aeolia was founded following a dispute over the Duchy of Propinquity encouraging citizens from the Duchy of Clay to switch citizenship, most notably of which being Grant Bruns. This dispute, which began on 9 November 2020, was solved when Grant founded the Duchy of Aeolia on 10 November. While there was hesitance to create a duchy west of the Maumee River, the duchy was created without much delay.

Government and Politics

Duke Grant Bruns volunteering at the OSF Frost Fest 2021.

The Duchy of Aeolia is an absolute monarchy under its monarch Duke Grant Bruns. It is a member state of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon and had no independent international relations. It is believed that minor diplomatic relations occurred between Aeolia and the Duchy of Propinquity before the dissolution of Propinquity.

Aeolia had frequently claimed legislative power over the Kingdom, justifying this due to the fact that the Canon Governing Document of the Kingdom had not yet been passed. Duke Grant had been reported to frequently ask, "Is that law?"


  • New Denham Springs
  • Phosphoria
  • Polygone Neuf