Royal Order of the Sovereigns

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Royal Order of the Sovereigns
Pendant of the order
Awarded by the
Co-Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon
TypeState order of chivalry
Established20 February 2023
CountryKingdom of Northwood-Oregon
MottoQue le Meilleur soit Reconnu (French for 'Let the Best be Recognized')
EligibilityCitizens of Northwood-Oregon
Awarded forDistinguished services to the Kingdom or the Sovereigns
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderCarson I
Grand MastersCarson I & Sarah I
ChancellorJordan Silva
King of ArmsVacant
Post-nominalsC&S (Current)
First induction20 February 2023
Total inductees2
Next (higher)None (Highest)
Next (lower)Order of the Northwest

Collar of the order

The Royal Order of the Sovereigns is the highest state order of chivalry of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was founded by Joint-Royal Decree of the Sovereigns on 20 February 2023.[1] The order is governed by two grand masters, who hold the position by merit of being the Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon, with a Chancellor and King of Arms below them.

There are currently two inductees to the order, those being Jordan Silva, Countess of Pickleton[2] and Grant Bruns, Duke of Aeolia.


Members of the order are entitled to multiple special privileges which are outlined in the Governing Statutes of the order.[3]

Physical display

Members of the order are permitted to display physical insignia of the order on their clothing. While appropriate wear is determined by the Sovereigns, the Governing Statutes makes special note that the collar should be worn over the shoulders and that no physical insignia should be displayed on items that are not being worn as a garment of the upper body.

Members of the order are granted a lapel pin of the order which is issued by the Chancellor which displays the medallion of the order. Members of the order may have further physical insignia commissioned for them by the Chancellor, but they are required to cover the cost of such a commission.

Heraldic display and supporters

Members of the order are permitted to display the collar of the order on their personal armorial achievement. Members may display it completely encircling their or partially obsured by their escutcheon. Members, however, must have the collar of the order displayed on top of or interior to any other awards displayed on the arms.

Members of the order are eligible to receive heraldic supporters for their personal armorial achievement. Membership in the order is the only way for individuals to have such supporters on their personal armorial achievement within Northwood-Oregon.

Post-nominal letters

Members of the order use the post-nominals of the order before the post-nominals of any other order. The post-nominals of the order are typically two letters surrounding an ampersand. The letters are determined based on the first initials of the current Grand Masters of the order. The letter which proceeds the ampersand is determined by which Sovereign was senior-most in their position.[a] Members of the order retain and continue to use the post-nominals that are in-use at the time they receive membership in the order.


Members of the order may request an audience with one of the Sovereigns or both Sovereigns at the same time. The Sovereigns are only obligated to honor one such audience per month, and while more audiences may be requested they do not have to be honored. The Sovereigns also must only honor the audience at their earliest convenience and availability.


The insignia is described in the Governing Statues of the order as such:

The universal insignia of the Order is a golden collar consisting of a chain uniting on four diametrical ends the shield of arms of Northwood-Oregon between the white antlers of a deer, between said ends a golden grail and lily flower twice repeated. Connected from the collar by a depiction of the royal crown, a symmetrical pendant with six white two-pointed arms connected to each other by golden rays stemming from the center. Forming the center of the pendant, a medallion depicting Their Majesties Carson and Sarah in relief inscribed on the top “CARSONUS REX ET SARA REGINA DOMINATIVUS” and on the bottom “REGNATOREM NORTHWOOD OREGONIA”

— Governing Statues of the Royal Order of the Sovereigns[3]


Grant Bruns, the Duke of Aeolia, with the lapel pin of the Royal Order of the Sovereigns, which members are granted for free by the Chancellor.


The order has no classes or grades, rather all members have the rank and dignity of knight. The only member of the order is Jordan Silva, Countess of Pickleton.[2]


There are three officer positions of the order as outlined by the Governing Statutes.[3]

Grand Masters

The Grand Masters are the heads of the order. The Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon are the holders of the positions of Grand Master. The Grand Masters induct and remove members of the order, dictate appropriate wear of insignia, appoint other officers of the order, and handle any other governance of the order. The current Grand Masters are Carson I and Sarah I.


The Chancellor of the order is the officer responsible for maintaining records of membership in the order, advising the Grand Masters on membership and governance of the order, along with governing the order in tandem with the Grand Masters. The Chancellor is also responsible for commissioning insignia of the order. The current Chancellor is Jordan Silva.[2]

King of Arms

The King of Arms is an officer of the order which is responsible for producing insignia and symbols of the order for heraldic use. They are responsible for making heraldic devices of inductees and maintaining the records of such. The position of King of Arms has been left vacant since the fouding of the order.


  1. For example, the post-nominals at the inauguration of the order were "C&S". This is due to the Grand Masters being Sovereigns Carson I and Sarah I. The "C" comes before the ampersand due to Carson I becoming Sovereign on 29 September 2020 while Sarah I became Sovereign later on 10 November.
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