Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces

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Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces
Founded8 January 2021
Service branchesArmy
Air Service
HeadquartersKingsland, Northwood-Oregon
SovereignsCarson Snyder
Sarah Freck
Master SergentAndrew Stuller
Military age16 years of age
Available for
military service
23 males, age 16-40 (2021 est.),
17 females, age 16-40 (2021 est.)
Fit for
military service
20 males, age 16-40 (2021 est.),
12 females, age 16-40 (2021 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
7 males (2021 est.),
5 females (2021 est.)
Active personnel13 (ranked 6)
Reserve personnel0

The Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces is the military of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It is comprised of three branches, the Northwood-Oregonian Army, the Northwood-Oregonian Navy, and the Northwood-Oregonian Air Service.


The earliest instance of a Northwood-Oregonian military occurred on 6 December 2020 during the Kingsland Insurrection. This small militia was only comprised of two people, Sovereign Carson Snyder and their then partner.

The Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces were officially founded with the ratification of the Canon Governing Document of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon on 8 January 2021. No military was raised, however, until 12 February when Sovereign Carson Snyder urged the raising of one due to a scare of an unknown nation seeking to be started nearby the geographical location of Northwood-Oregon. Sovereign Carson sought the opinion of Duke Grant Bruns, who believed the idea was too sudden, and Prince Andrew Stuller, who supported the idea. Sovereign Carson eventually asked for the approval of Sovereign Sarah Freck to produce an army, which she approved. The nation seeking to be formed was, in the end, not overly near to Northwood-Oregon, nor hostile.


The administrative structure and proceedings of the Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces is under the jurisdiction of the Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon, as established by the Kingdom's Canon Governing Document. On 12 February 2021, Sovereign Sarah delegated her part of management to Sovereign Carson, in the interest of streamlining the process, though she could step back into her role at any point.

The highest in the military chain of command is the Master Sergeant, currently Andrew Stuller, who was appointed to the position on 12 February 2021.

Chain of Command

  • Sovereign Carson Snyder
  • Sovereign Sarah Freck
    • Armed-Forces
      • Master Sergent Andrew Stuller
        • Army
          • General Curtis "Cujo" Stringham
          • General Richard "Dick" Rudd
            • Corporal Garrett St. John
              • First Section
        • Navy
          • Admiral Richard Snyder I
First Section
  • Corporal Garrett St. John


There is currently no budget for the Northwood-Oregonian Armed Forces. All authority over budgeting is delegated to the Royal Deluge.