Duchy of Propinquity

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Duchy of Propinquity
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Duchess
Sarah Freck
Establishment10 October 2020
• Total
3.36 km2 (1.30 sq mi)
• Census
Time zoneEST-4
Preceded by
Succeeded by
  1. Population at dissolution
The Duchy of Propinquity was part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

The Duchy of Propinquity was a Duchy founded on 11 October 2020 by Duchess Sarah as part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was located in Oregon, Ohio, USA and was notable as being the first member state of the Kingdom ruled by a woman. It was later dissolved to become the Queensland.


The Duchy of Propinquity's name comes from the fact that it is a duchy and as a reference to a theatrical production, Bright Star, being put on during the founding of the Duchy. Referencing an exchange between two characters in the show, Alice Murphy (Played by Sarah Freck) and Billy Cane (Played by Carson Snyder), the name propinquity was chosen. Propinquity can mean "close kinship."



The Duchy of Propinquity was founded by Sarah Freck on 11 October 2020 after negotiations with Sovereign Carson of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. Primarily, the negotiations were over the initial land claimed by the Duchy, which Sarah had certain demands over what land would be given to the Duchy. With its founding, Sarah became known as Duchess Sarah within the Kingdom and the Duchy, the first female to be so.

Citizenry and Territorial Growth

Duchess Sarah became very active within the Kingdom following the founding of Propinquity, making great progress in the development of the Duchy's citizenry. The Duchy of Propinquity overtook the Kingsland as the most populated member state on 25 October 2020. This increase of citizens continued, even with some controversy as citizens of other member states were encouraged to rescind their citizenship and re-enter as citizens of Propinquity. The land claims of Propinquity were eventually radically changed, as a field owned by the Freck family was succeeded to the Duchy.

Dissolvement into the Queensland

As Propinquity grew, concerns over Duchess Sarah taking over the Royal Deluge within the Kingdom became apparent. With the claims and citizenry of the Duchy and the plans for the Royal Deluge, Duchess Sarah would have had a much greater number of votes than any other leader within the Kingdom. Seeking a compromise and seeking to solve other issues, the Sovereign Carson, residing in Northwood, solved the issue by granting Oregon its own Sovereign. After approximately an hour of negotiation, Duchess Sarah was promoted to the title of Sovereign, or Queen. This move was met with little criticism, Sarah being a popular and active figure within the Kingdom since her joining. Along with this move, however, the Duchy of Propinquity was dissolved and became the Queensland with the same claims and citizens.

Government and Politics

The Duchy of Propinquity was an absolute monarchy under its monarch, Duchess Sarah Freck. No official cabinet was established. It was a member state of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon and had no independent international relations. It is believed that minor diplomatic relations occurred between Propinquity and the Duchy of Aeolia before the dissolution of Propinquity.