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One Erieble (Obverse)
 Freq. used1EB, 5EB 10EB, 20EB
Date of introduction26 February 2021
User(s) Northwood-Oregon
Central bankTreasury of Northwood-Oregon
Pegged with1.00 EB = 0.1635 U.S. dollar

The Erieble (code: EB) is the official currency of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was originally adopted on 26 February 2021 with the value of one gram of silver.[1] The currency would later become fiat by Royal Decree VIII/2021 of Carson I, which also halted new prints of the currency until a new backing was established.[2] The new backing would be established on 17 May 2022 by Royal Decree XV/2022 of Sarah I, pegging the Erieble to the United States dollar, making it worth 0.1635 USD. At the same time, 100 USD was donated to the treasury by Carson I, enabling the printing of 611.62 EB.[3]


Denomination Obverse and reverse Portrait Reverse motif First series Latest series Circulation
One Erieble

Carson I (left) and Sarah I (right) Pearson Park Series 1 (2022) Series 1 (2022) None
Five Eriebles

Theo Porter, Duke of Ottis (left) and Nicholas Abbott, Duke of Clay (right) Clay High School Series 1 (2022) Series 1 (2022) None
Ten Eriebles

Andrew Stuller, Prince of Curtice (left) Kaitlyn Huber, Duchess of Altissa (middle) and Lucas Daniel, Duke of Primeria (right) Nature Trail Territory Series 1 (2022) Series 1 (2022) None
Twenty Eriebles

Grant Bruns, Duke of Aeolia (left) and Caleb Scarberry, Duke of Scarberriville (right) Veterans' Glass City Skyway Series 1 (2022) Series 1 (2022) None