Sovereign Templar Crown

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Sovereign Templar Crown
Code TEC
Symbol (╬)
Subunit 1/120 (Florins)
Banknotes 1(╬), 2(╬), 6(╬), 12(╬), 24(╬), 60(╬)
Coins £1, £2, £6, £12, £24, £60
Official user(s) Templar Kingdom and all Protectorate principalities of the Union Beaulosagñese:
  • Aquitania
  • Valkyria
  • Ebro
  • Montalban
Central Bank Banc Templarii
Printer Banc Templarii
Mint Royal Mint
current notes In circulation since 2016 current series
Pegged with Pound sterling

The Sovereign Templar Crown, (╬) (the new symbol since 13-X-2012), also referred to as the Beaulosagñese Crown or simply Templar Crown, is the official Currency of the Templar Kingdom known as the United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail. The Sovereign Templar Crown is locked to the Pound at: 1 (╬) = £12UK. All the money of the Templar Kingdom is backed by silver and gold, but are not paid out in silver and/or gold.

All Protectorate Principalities of the Templar Kingdom also use the Sovereign Templar Crown. If the Protectorate had a currency before it joined the Union Beaulosagñese, then that currency becomes obsolete at the moment of entering the Union Beaulosagñese.

The production of banknotes in the Kingdom is confidential because other people might use the method to counterfeit our banknotes. Also,to prevent people from just printing out Crowns, all Crowns must have a unique serial number, provided by the Banc Templarii, which must be stamped on the large open area on the front and reverse of the note, this serial number then becomes the serial number of the owner who bought the banknote, he must register his name with the serial number, or the serial number becomes recorded in the date base as false banknote or as a stolen one. In case the owner wants to sell the banknote he must inform the Banc Templarii of the sale to the third party and provide the name of the third party, or the serial number and the name don't match, and in case of a none match, the banknote is considered fake or stolen.

Silver is the main backing of the Templar Currency

TEC sign

The symbol for the Templar Crown:(╬), usually written after the numerical amount, is used for the Sovereign Templar Crown only, although it also used the pound sign in the past. The sign was adopted by the kingdom to distinguish it from the pound. So to make a difference  (╬) (the new symbol since 13-X-894, is now in use only) This currency is divided into 12 units. This currency is at a locked rate to the £.

  • 1 Sovereign Templar Crown (╬) = £12UK
  • 1 Sovereign Templar Crown (╬) = 12 Florins
  • 1 Florin (Fiducia) £ = £1UK
  • 1 Florin £ = 12 Ducats
  • 1 Florin £ = 240 Pesetas
  • 1 Ducat (Valore) = 20 Pesetas

Common terms of coinage:

Crown terms

  • 1 Crown -> Escudo

Florin terms

  • 6 Florins -> Real
  • 4 Florins -> Sol
  • 2 Florins -> Angelo
  • 1 Florin -> Fiducia

Ducat terms

  • 6 Ducats -> Cabeza
  • 4 Ducats -> Alma
  • 2 Ducats -> Duro
  • 1 Ducat -> Valore

Peseta terms

  • 120 Psta-> Dano
  • 60 Psta -> Pasto
  • 40 Psta -> Liri
  • 20 Psta -> Soldi


Below are the designs for the STC bills and Coins

Image Value Info
1(╬) Sovereign Templar Crown ©
1(╬) one Saint Matthew, 04-07-898 TY

yellow/red, 04-VII-2016 AD

They can be purchased for €10 a set,

(they are handcrafted).

2(╬) Sovereign Templar Crowns ©
2(╬) two Saint Marc, 04-07-898 TY

gray/blue, 04-VII-2016 AD

They can be purchased for €10 a set,

(they are handcrafted).

6(╬) Sovereign Templar Crowns ©
6(╬) six Saint Marc, 04-07-898 TY

brown/beige, 04-VII-2016 AD (Error bill 'seis', misspelled)

They can be purchased for €10 a set,

(they are handcrafted).

Defunct currency

1 Fiducia 1996 Defunct currency

Templar Kingdom Defunct currencies

  • Fiducia (£), got replaced with the Florin (1992)
  • Valore (ç), got replaced with the Ducat (1992)

​Protectorate Defunct Currencies

  • ECU (Aquitania) became defunct when it joined the Union Beaulosagñese
  • Peseta Iberica (Ebro) became defunct when it joined the Union Beaulosagñese
  • Valkyrian Dinar (Valkyria) became defunct when it joined the Union Beaulosagñese
  • Aridian Dinar (Arimathea) became defunct when it joined the Union Beaulosagñese
  • Magdalene Guilder (Magdalena) became defunct when it joined the Union Beaulosagñese

To see all the defunct banknotes of the Templar Kingdom go to: Gallery of micronational currencies

Templar Stock Exchange

Templar Stock Exchange
Year w:United States USD Exchange rate w:United Kingdom GBP Exchange rate w:European Union EUR Exchange rate
2020 $15,57 £12 €13.16

The Templar Stock Exchange is located in Peñiscola, Spain. (since 01-I-2013 AD) The Stock Exchange is a private organization with the purpose of creating an exchange rate for micronational currencies amongst each other and compared to the US Dollar, British Pound or EUR. Trading takes place via the internet. Micronational companies may also register here with a unique abbreviation. Registration, whether for a currency or company, may occur freely without prior approval from the Supervisor.

All new registrations are to be entered below, along with a predecided exchange rate to the Dollar or Euro. For companies, the value entered is that for ONE share.

  • = increase.
  • Steady = steady.
  • = decrease.

Currency Listings

Listing Symbol/Code Exchange Rate Gain/Loss
Sovereign Templar Crown (╬) / TEC 1(╬) = £12 Steady

Company Listings

Listing Symbol €/Share Company Value Shares Sold Shares for Sale Gain/Loss
Banc Templarii Beaulosagñe [1] BTB 1(╬) 100(╬) 0 100 Steady
Royal Mint Beaulosagñe [1] RMB 1(╬) 100(╬) 0 100 Steady

How the TSX Determines Stock Prices

  • % of ownership for sale of company's value, divided by shares for sale = value of share (€/share)

[1] licensed and incorporated in the Templar Kingdom

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