United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail

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United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail
Coat of arms
Motto: Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam
Anthem: Anthem
File:Spain & Portugal
CapitalPeñiscola (Spain)
Largest cityTomar (Portugal)
Official languagesSpanish (ES), Portuguese (PT), French (FR), English (EN), German (DE), Dutch (NL)
Templar Church
GovernmentAbsolute Theocratic Monarchy
• King
Jesus Christ (proclaimed)
• Hand of the King
HRH Prince Eugenio II
• Grand Master Knight
HRH Prince Eugenio II
Establishmentas Order (686/1804)
as Nation (862/1980)
as Church (894/2012)
• (as of 2019 census) census
CurrencySovereign Templar Crown (TEC) = 12£UK
Time zone(GMT +00:02:24)TKT

Beaulosagñe, officially the United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosangñe and the Knight's Templar of the Holy Grail, known also as Templar Kingdom or the Grail Kingdom, is an autonomous territorial nation which is a sovereign microstate but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Founded in 1980 first as a dream, which later became a desire to become a real independent state. Beaulosagñe is a Christian nation that has Jesus Christ as its proclaimed head of state. The nation is ruled as an absolute Theocracy monarchy.

Beaulosagñe is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is a medieval kingdom in the modern world. It recognizes that Knights Templar are real knights and have a nation of their own, where they are still guardians of the Holy Grail. The Templar Kingdom does not have a constitution but it has a Carta Magnifica (a set of constitutional laws laid down by God). It is known as the only Templar kingdom in the world. Country Code: TE/TEM


The oldest spelling of the name of Beaulosagñe is Bolozanje. The nation's name is based on two words, beau(lo) meaning beautiful and zan[d](je) meaning land and/or sand. Therefore, Beaulosagñe means both beautiful land or holy land. Other names used for the Kingdom are the Grail Kingdom and the Templar Kingdom, because its military is made up of templars, who still follow the knight's code of honour.


The United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail is the only micronation based on the European medieval Knights Templar. The kingdom claims being descendants from these heroic knights, through the disputed Larmenius charter.[2] Some events in the history of Beaulosagñe span over 200 years.

The Knight's Templar 1099-1312

Flag of the Templar Kingdom from 1118-1312

In 1099, Jerusalem was captured during the First Crusade. Godfrey de Saint-Omer, one of the future founders of the Knights Templar order, most likely came to the Holy Land at this time. The Order of the Knights Templar was established later in 1118 in Jerusalem by twelve knights, including Hugues de Payens, the order’s first Grandmaster. Their main stated purpose was to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. King Baldwin II granted the knights the use of the buildings on Temple Mount.

The Knights Templar were officially recognized by Pope Honorius II at the Council of Troyes. The Latin Rule, written by Bernard de Clairvaux, was approved as guidelines for this first religious military order. In 1139, papal bull Omne Datum Optimum (Latin for “Every perfect gift”, James 1:17), issued by Pope Innocent II, which made the Knights Templar exempt from tithes and taxes, allowing them to use the spoils of war at their own discretion. In 1146, the Paris Temple was built, to serve as the global headquarters for the Knights Templar.

On 4 July 1187, Saladin defeated Crusader forces at Hattin. Templar Knights captured in the battle were beheaded. Later on 4 October, Jerusalem fell to Saladin. The Knights Templar established their new Outre-mer (“Overseas”) headquarters in Acre in 1191 and Castle Pilgrim (Atlit) was built in 1217-21.

In 1229, Jerusalem was regained by crusading forces through the diplomatic efforts of Frederick II. 15 years later in southern France, Papal Forces brutally suppressed the Cathars, a powerful heretical group. Jerusalem surrendered by the Crusaders for the final time. In 1291, Acre fell when the Syrian citadel of Tortosa and Castle Pilgrim were abandoned by the Templars, and Ruad fell in 1302, becoming the last Christian stronghold in Outre-mer.

In 1307, Philip the Fair, King of France, ordered massive arrests of the Knights Templar on charges of heresy, sodomy, corruption and apostasy. Torture was used to extract confessions, eventually resulting in their executions. Outside of France, the fate of the Knights Templar varied greatly, allowing many to escape persecutions. 5 years later, the Order of the Knights Templar was officially dissolved in the bull Vox in Excelso, issued by Pope Clement V. The order’s possessions were transferred to the Knights Hospitaller. However, there is much evidence to believe that the Holy Order from this point on just went underground.[3]

Knights of Mount Zion 1312-1804

Secret flag of the Templar Kingdom from 1312-1804

On the night before his arrest in 1312, Jacques De Molay gives his power, secrets and keys, to his second in command, who silently slipped out of Paris. 2 years later, on 18 March, Jacques De Molay, the last (official) Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake in Paris. In 1317, King Dinis applies near the newly elected Pope in Avignon for the recognition of the Order of Christ, formed with the former Templar Knights and owner of all Templar possessions in the realm of Portugal. The Order of Christ is approved by Pope John XXII 2 years later. D. Gil Martins, Master of the Order of Aviz is the first Master of the Order of Christ and the new Order is put under the spiritual guidance of the Cistercian Monastery of Alcobaça. The seat is Castro Marim.

After persecution had broken out all over France, what was leftover of the order had to go into hiding; a lot of them went to Spain (later becoming the Order of Montesa, which was affiliated with the Calatrava knights) and Portugal (becoming the Order of Christ). Others went to England and Scotland (later getting absorbed by the freemasons), Germany (becoming part of the Johannites), and to the Netherlands. The underground order in France became known as the Knights of Mount Zion, but knights far away from this order joined other organizations. When the Templar needed to go underground, they had to join numerous occult organizations, like the Masons, Rosicrucian Order, Johannites, and the Kabbalist Order of the Rose-cross. These occult organizations accepted these Templars as members of their orders with open arms, with the obvious intend to get their hands on the immense wealth which king Pillip not had been able to find.

Royaume du Temple 1804-1980

Flag of the Templar Kingdom from 1804-1980
  • 1804 Out of contempt for the pope, Napoleon Bonaparte sanctioned the establishment of the Royaume du Temple, a renewed templar order (no longer a catholic one but a protestant one out of protest against the popes, whom the Templar Kingdom's leaders find are still guilty of treason towards the order).

Jacques Clignet Du Brabant becoming its first new Grand Master. This marked the beginning of a revived Templar Order, out in the open again, with no need to hide. This was also relected more in the new templar flag (with a french flair), that was adopted on 1804, when Ordo Supremus Militarus Templi Hierosolymitani (Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem-OSMTH (Swiss Federal Registry Number CH-660.1972999-4)) broke away from Royaumme du temple in the same year. OSMTH has kept the more traditional flag. Royaumme du Temple still does recognize her sister organization OSMTH as legit, even after the schism of 1804.

This order has no 'free'mason, esoteric, gnostic or mystical connections. It has No new age or occult connections, and stays clear of all of them. This order is a Christian order that rejects the pope as head of the church, and All Christians are welcome to be members.

Flag of the 1st Kingdom
Flag of the 2nd Kingdom
Flag of the 3rd Kingdom

1st Kingdom 1980-1987

Kingdom of Bolozanje

In 1980, the Templar Kingdom was formed and was a free state since its foundation in the Netherlands, but once the prince moved somewhere else, so did the territories of the kingdom. The flag of the 1st kingdom did not really reflect the templar roots other than the withe and black lines. The kingdom planned to expand, using honour, loyalty and goodwill to all men, to make the best of all worse situations

2nd Kingdom 1987-1992

Kingdom of Beaulosagne

In 1987 the prince moved to Canada, the old territories were abandoned and new ones aquired. It was at this time when the kingdom also aquired a new name, Beaulosagne. Giving it a french flavour. The kingdom has strongly opposed the separation of quebec from canada.

3d Kingdom 1992-2010

United Kingdom of Beaulosagne

In 1992 the kingdom got united with 11 other tiny kingdoms, forming a united kingdom of 12 tiny territories, with the King being the King-Overlord and the other Kings being called Paladins.

4th Kingdom 2010-today

United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail

Current flag

With the formation of the fourth kingdom, the kingdom wanted to return to its old roots and the new flag got adopted. Also with the move of the prince to spain the last change took place: the ñ was added to reflext the spanish caracter of the nation.

With the 4th kingdom came about, also a desire to return to the old roots and adapt a new, more templar style flag. A flag which clearly was more templar. In 2012, the kingdom went online

The Templar Kingdom later formed alliances with many micronations online, and still to this day bases itself on the knight's code of honor. It has been a free micronation since its foundation in the Netherlands. The kingdom plans to expand, using Honour, loyalty and goodwill to all men, to make the best of an ever worsening situation, of spanish crisis. The Kingdom intends to set up a new and fair banking system in the near future and build or restore an old castle for templar Knight use.

The Templar Kingdom is the last one of the few modren templar groups that still claims to be a direct decent from the medieval knights by way of the Larmenius Chater.[2]

This Kingdom has no freemason, baphomet, esoteric, gnostic, mystical, new age or occult connections, and stays clear of them. However it sees itself as the guardians of the Holy Grail, which it protects from Saracen stain. This Kingdom is a Christian Kingdom that rejects the pope as head of the church. All Christians are welcome as citizens. This Kingdom is a Christian Kingdom that rejects Saracen invasion of Europe (throught planned refugee immigration) and the rest of the free world.

  • In 2012 the Templar Kingdom incorporated the Spanish protectorate principalities of Aquitania, Valkyria, Ebro, Iridia, Timeria into the kingdom.
  • Outremar Conflict (between The Templar Kingdom and Schalamzaar) The official religion of Schalamzaar was shi'a Islam back in the day (2013). The Templar Kingdom has a rule for not recognizing the legitimacy and sovereignty of any Saracen nation, and this resulted in a conflict with Schalamzaar. Schalamzaar led a group of nations against the Templar Kingdom and the result was an ongoing hostility between the two nations. After the change of religion in Schalamzaari state, the Templar Kingdom still banned the nation for cyber attacks it had committed. However, The Templer Kingdom does no longer keeps the nation as unrecognized for the cyber-attacks and vandalism it once had committed on its and other people's web pages. Enough time has passed to let the past be the past. And forgive the error. (2013-2015 cyber war period / 2015-2019 blockade period) 6 years
  • 2017 the coup of Boom
  • 2019 Kingdom of Jerusalem becomes a protectorate of the Templar Kingdom
  • the china virus of 2020 May 2020: The Government of the Templar Kingdom is not installing any measures to restrict the movement of its citizens within the nation. (Outside traffic, however, coming from china to the kingdom, is on total lockdown until further notice.) Neither is the government forcing its citizen to have to wear a mask and keeping distance from fellow citizens is also not demanded and the Grail kingdom follows in this, the example set by Sweden. (going for herd immunity) Templar Kingdom citizens that want to wear a mask, because they are in the risk group, are urged to wear an FDA approved one, not just any flimsy piece of cloth. All businesses, churches, and HORECA are allowed to stay open for regular business hours. Citizens are however asked to wash their hands often with regular soap and sneeze in their shirtsleeve and if one is sick, to just stay home. No quarantine or night clock is going to be imposed. Children have to go to school. No restriction will be placed on large gatherings. (following the florida state example)
  • 2020 Lundy becomes protectorate of the Templar Kingdom. Also, the Templar Kingdom is celebrating 40 years of existence! And for this 40 year anniversary, the kingdom has made a special banknote set.
  • May 2021: The kingdom has taken no further special action during 2021 for any other COVID-20 (the "delta" variant) or COVID-21 (the "omicron" variant), things have been business as usual since early 2020. Beaulosagñe sees no need for futher alarm from any other possible future variants of this seasonal virus. (0) Zero dangerous cases* of covid have been reported in 2020 and 2021. (*cases of hospitalization and/or death.) However, some mild cases of few days of quarantine have been reported. The Templar Kingdom has now officially clasified the virus as a repeating seasonal virus.

Government and Politics

The Templar Canon

The United Holy Kingdom is an absolute theocratic monarchy with Jesvs Christ as its head of state. The state maintains an earthly representative, a prince whose title is "Hand of the King". The Hand is assisted by twelve Paladins (minsters) who are chosen by the Hand for their capable skills. The Paladins serve the Hand for life unless, the Hand re-asigns them. There is no parliament and there are no elections. Paladins and all other necessary officials are appointed by the Hand. The second in command is the Arch-Duke. He would come to power if the Hand suddenly would fall ill. The Templar Kingdom considers itself a legitamate sovereign state by the authority of Christ. The government exist to serve the nation and not the nation to serve the government. The Carta Magnifica also states that kingdom is humanitarian, and is not out on making a profit. It serves God, Christ, and it neighbour, not itself. The Templar Kingdom is a fierce adversary of globalism / one world goverment. The political stand of the Templar Kingdom is that of Christian-solidarity, and not that of marxist/communist or even socialism, Jesvs was solidair with the people (and helped them whenever he could) therefore we need to be solidair too with others. But he was also an individualist, and all Templars are equal under the law as individuals. Solidairty (Empathy) means; everyone helping and caring about, the disadvantaged ones in society to get back on their feet.

Constitution and Templar Canon

The basis of law or constitution of the Templar Kingdom is the Templar Cannon. The Templar Cannon is made up of two books, the Templar Codex and Carta Magnifica. These books form the non changeable law of the land. The constitution states new laws are drafted by the Grand Council (parliament), but voted into law by all citizens, new laws cannot at any time make parts of the Carta Magnifica obsolete. All Grand Council (parliament) members (36) have one vote in the process just as every citizen does. If a law is rejected, it has to be redrafted.

House Scorpio ©

The Templar Canon is the complete 'constitution' which includes the Carta Magnifica and Templar Codex together. The Carta Magnifica is the first two books that forms the 'constitution' of the Templar Kingdom. The Carta is comprised of various sections dictating the rights and obligations of it's citizens, of 'parliament', and of his royal highness the prince. The Templar Codex is the second book of the Canon which includes all religious laws which aren't included in the Carta Magnifica. No outside law or international law can change, alter or influence any laws within the Codex and Carta Magnifica.

Hand of the King

The Hand of the King is the proclaimed representative of King Christ on Earth. His office is that of uniting all Templar orders into one for the second comming of Christ. The Hand is Prince of the Templar Kingdom, since Christ is the King of the Kingdom. The Hand of the King, is head of state (DEX GRA REX), Grand-Master-Knight of the military order of Templar Knights and defender of the faith (FID DEF) of the Templar Church. His Official Titles are: HRH Hand of the King, by the Grace of God, King of Jerusalem, Prince of the United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail, Prince of Peñiscola, Prince of Tomar, Prince of Aquitania, Prince of Valkyria, Prince of Ebro, Prince of Montalban, Doge of Aragon, Doge of Balerica, Supreme Paladin of the High Council, Grand Master Knight of the Order of the Knights Templar, and his other Realms (regent of Lundy) and Territories, Defender of the Templar Faith. The post of Hand of the King, Arch-Duke and that of Paladin are not hereditary, when the Hand abdicates, he chooses the new Hand of the king. The old Hand then stays prince regent until death. The Hand of the King is assisted by a council of 12 knights also called the Round Table of the Templar Council. If the Hand of the King dies before appointing a new Hand, then the 12 Paladins will elect one from among themselves, to be the next Hand. (In this process one can not vote for himself.) The Arch-Duke serves as vice-prince in the absence of the Hand (at the moment there is not Arch-Duke). The Current proclaimed Hand of the King is HRH Prince Eugenio II. HRH Prince Eugenio of House Scorpio, is one of the longer Micronational ruling houses of Europe.


The government (The Grand Council) is divided into two houses: The High Council of XII and The Council of the Apostles. The High Council of Twelve is a group of 12 highly qualified noble citizens, helping the Hand of the King govern the Holy Kingdom. Each has a task to perform for which the Hand calls them, they are all appointed by the Hand. None of these 12 paladins is voted in through elections. They stay in their position until the Hand finds he needs them elsewhere. ​None of these seats are hereditary. None get paid for their services, serving is the great honour in itself. If the Hand dies then from among these 12 a new Hand is to be chosen, by the 12 in casting a vote. They can not vote for themselves however. The Council of the Apostles is made up of 24 highly qualifies noble citizens and also assists the Hand where he sees fit. These too, stay in their position until, the Hand finds he needs them else where. ​None of these seats are hereditary. None get paid for their services, serving is the great honour in itself, following the Hand in this.


Flag of the Union

With the collapse of 6 microstates in Spain, the Templar Kingdom, decided to take over control of these and install a protectorate government there. The Templar Kingdom, made Aquitania, Iridia, Timeria, Ebro, Sarre, and Valkyria, Protectorate Pricipalities of the kingdom to preserve the heritage of micronations in Spain. Each has limited autonomous powers under the Hand of the King. Each has a cabinet of 12 ministers. All Protectorate Principalities of the Templar Kingdom also use the Sovereign Templar Crown. If the Protectorate had a currency before it joined the Union Beaulosagñese, then that currency becomes obsolete at the moment of entering the Union Beaulosagñese. Aquitania is surrounded on all sides by France. Ebro consists of an eastern and western territory (Ebro was an independent nation from 2009 till 2012), while Valkyria consists of a northern and southern territory (Valkyria was an independent nation from 2002 till 2005). Timeria has since 2020, regained it's independence after was noticed that it was reactivated (Sarre became part of Timeria). Iridia too has become independent again (since 2019) and therefore is no longer member of the Union. Montalban has become the latest (Spanish) member of the union, in 2017. Kingdom of Jerusalem got added in 2019 and Lundy got added in 2020

Foreign Affairs

List of recognized macronations by the Templar Kingdom

The Templar Kingdom recognizes/has foreign relations with, over a 100 microstates/micronations. Even though the Templar Kingdom has many diplomatic relations, it maintains a strict criteria that states; a nation must already exist for (12/XII) twelve months, they must claim land on Earth, have a website with non biased information. Please visit our "Foreign Affairs Department of the Templar Kingdom" if you wish to open diplomatic relations or you need to talk to us for any other foreign affairs related issues. The Templar Kingdom is now also on Discord Discord


The Templar Kingdom is open to diplomatic relations with other nations, and is currently in the process of making treaties with some of them. When these treaties come about and diplomatic relations are established, these nations will then be mentioned here in alphabetical order.

Conditions the Templar Kingdom of Beaulosagñe demands for it to recognize your nation:

Art. 1.1: When a nation offers diplomatic relations to Templar Kingdom, they must prove that they already exist for 1 year.

Art. 1.2: The nation must claim real land, not fictional (not D&D map based, book based, game based, movie based), nor on other planets, nor on the moon. (But real land even as small as 1 square meter.) (future projects like: underwater / underground / seasteading nations are allowed)

Art. 1.3: The nation must have a website with clear and truthful info (population, territory, goals, etc.) This is allowed to be a microwiki page.

Art. 1.4: That they are a Christian OR a secular micronation. Because of the Outremer Law we do not open diplomatic relations with saracen(micro)nation(s). (Outremer Law)

Art. 1.5: If a nation is interfering in the internal or national affairs of the government of Beaulosagñe, the Beaulosagñese government will withdraw the recognition of that nation. (the non-interference act)

Art. 1.6: The Templar Kingdom is a neutral nation, no other nation can force our Holy Sovereign nation to join in a conflict, or being forced to take side. (the non-interference act)

Art. 1.7: The Grail Kingdom doesn't recognize nations who claim territory belonging to Beaulosagñe or it's protectorates. (see [1] territory external link) (the Sovereignty act)

Art. 1.8: If Beaulosagñe discovers that a nation is guilty of the use of illegal internet activities (hacking and viruses), then Beaulosagñe will immediately withdraw its recognition of that nation. (the Terrorism act)

Art. 1.9: If Beaulosagñe discovers that a recognized nation is violating human rights, Beaulosagñe will immediately withdraw it's recognition of that nation.

Art. 1.10: The Templar Kingdom will only recognize nations who respect our universal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of sexual orientation.

Other Nations our kingdom reconizes

Car sticker
Liscence plate from Beaulosagñe

Beside these the Templar Kingdom, recognizes the following regions as independent states:

  • Ambazonia, the Amazigh republic of lybia, Christian republic of Aramean, Capitol: Mosul
  • Biafra, Basque Country, Britanny
  • Calabria, Catalunya, Chiapas, Corsica
  • the First Nations of America, French Guyana
  • Galicia, Gitania, Greenland
  • Hawaii, Hong Kong,
  • Kabinada [congo], Christian republic of Karabakh, Kurdistan
  • Macau
  • Nunavut
  • Orange vrij staat
  • Rif Republic
  • Spanish Sahara, Scotland, South Moluccas [indonesia], South Tirol, Sicily, Srpska
  • Taiwan, Tibet, Transnistria, Trentino
  • Venecia, Vlaanderen
  • Wales, West Papua.

Rejected Nations / Regions / Orders

States that Beaulosagñe does NOT recognize:

  • bir tawil nations. (Too many have claimed this piece of land and we do not know who has fist laid claim to it,

and we are not willing to get into a dispute between the different parties claiming it.)

  • bosnia and herzegovina (illegal withdrawal from Yugoslavia)
  • kosovo (illegal withdrawal from Yugoslavia)
  • Northern Cyprus (puppet state of Turkey on the island of Cyprus)
  • palestine (considered part of Israel)
  • vatican city (region Non Grata & the pope a person Non Grata)
  • The Grail Kingdom never did recognize the capitol hill autonomous zone (C.h.a.z.) during it's short lived existence.
  • rikucharr (guilty of Christianophobia)
  • Baustralia (Terrorist organization)
  • adammia (terrorist organization, guilty of terrorism, bullying, briding of administrative personnel, vandalism, and cyberattacks.)

  • All micronations claiming only land on the moon or other planets
  • All micronations claiming 'world' domination or 'galactic' domination.
  • All micronations claiming only fictitious land
  • Any Saracen (micro/macro) nations, due to slavery still present [2]
  • All roleplay nations
  • All novel-based nations

Territorial Claims

All territorial claims of the Templar Kingdom are located in the Iberian peninsula. Most of them are found in northeastern Spain or in the Baleric islands, with the exception of the Tomar claim, whis is situated in Portugal. The claims in the east of Spain and in the meditaranean sea, enjoy a subtropical climate. Tomar however has the infuence of the atlanitc ocean and the mountains to deal with.

Templar Kingdom claimed territory:Templar kingdom territories

  • Green = Templar Kingdom Claims
  • Blue = Protectorates (Aquitania - Valkyria - Ebro - Montalban)
  • Red = Other micronations in Iberia
  • Black = Defunct micronations.


1 Templar Crown ©
2 Templar Crowns ©
6 Templar crowns ©

Beaulosagñe's national currency is the Sovereign Templar Crown. The economy is based on the sales of stamps, coins, banknotes, T-shirts, calenders and books. In the near future, the kingdom plans to add a publishing house to their industry. Stores, offices, banks, government offices and facturies are closed on Lord's day. For the Templar Kingdom to open trade relations with another state we ask that the nation in question has it's own currency.

Banc Templarii

The printing of new money falls directly under the authority of the Banc Templarii (the central bank of the Templar Kingdom.) no other bank has the right to print the money or to put it into circulation. The Sovereign Templar Crown can be bought (and be traded back in), but is not open for trade on the open market. The Sovereign Templar Crown is backed by silver. Check the Micronational currency library for images of all our current and defunct banknotes.

They can be purchased for 10 € a piece, (they are handcrafted).


The Templar Kingdom promotes the following ideologies of Green Living, Pro-live movement, Christianity and Templarism. Green Living is basically living a lifestyle without creating waste, less pollution in the air and water, the use of less plastic and encourage an era of planting more trees. To reuse, reduce and recycle more. Templarism is a return to a less complicated lifestyle, of life without mobile phones, fax, computers, television, and the latest gadgets that make companies rich, but make people poor and less happy. Because happiness does not come from the obtaining of more and more possessions. Citizens are also advised to use more handmade or local made products.

The Templar Kingdom is now also on discord, look for 'Templar Kingdom' and join.


The Templar Kingdom is unique and different, in its ethnicity, in that it's a Christian nation that has Christ as its king and that its army is Templar knights, who still hold to the knight's oath.

It is also the only one country, based on the Knights Templar and medieval europe in general. The kingdom claims, being decendands from these heroic knights, through the 'disputed' Larmenius charther [3] and claims to be the only true guardians of the Holy Grail. The hand of the king being the Grand-Master-Kinght (commader and chief) of the Templar army. A Templar Knight (within the Templar Kingdom) must own a sword, to be considered a knight. (With this sword, he is dubbed knight, after having fasted during the night of his wake.)

The Templar Kingdom is unique in it currency, it being devided in 12 units and is not a decimal system as all other nations. The Templar Crown is also backed by silver.

The Templar Kingdom is also different in that it recommends it's citizen to dress in the Templar (medieval) clothing style and recommands to be as least possible, dependant on modren technology, like internet and mobilephones. The Templar Kingdom is also sometimes called the "Protestant Vatican" or the "Iberian Vatican" (Depending on the view you are talking about; "religious afiliation" or "geographic location".) "Map-North" according to the Templar Kingdom is East (towards Jerusalem)

The Templar Kingdom has proclaimed, the Convento do Christo (at Tomar, Portugal) as one of the 7 micronational wonders of the world. In the Templar kingdom vehicles drive on the left as in the UK. and UTC time is 00:02:24, which it considers noon.

BGLT rights

Gay & Christian

The kingdom does not see being Gay and being Christian (at the same time) as a contradiction, but as qualities that can complement each other. Making a person more compassionate, loving, and caring. Understanding the plight of a Gay or a Christian or a Gay-Christian goes through. The Templars of old were a warrior-monk order of all male members, and no doubt because of this, homosexual acts happened in their ranks, under a 'don't ask don't tell' policy. For this reason, the kingdom is Christian and BGLT friendly and allows asylum seekers of the BGLT community (from nations hostile to the BGLT community) to claim refugee status in the Grail kingdom. The Templar Kingdom does not recognize a third gender, and does not allow hormone treatment on children. See these Books about true love. The reason it is called BGLT and not LGBT in Beaulosagñe is because they do not want to favour one group over another and therefore they put the acronym in alphabetical order!


Templar Church logo

Beaulosagñe uses a different calendar from the rest of Europe. The start date of their calendar is at the formation of the Templar order. So as to know in which year humanity lives, ( from Jan 1 to March 21 subtract 1119, March 21 to Dec 31 subtract 1118) from the current Gregorian calendar, to know the date in Templar Years. (TY) example: 1980-1118=862, written as TY862/1980AD or as 862/1980 or just as 862. All months of the Templar calendar have 30 days and start with the full moon, month can overlap into the new year. The new year starts with Semana-Santa, which is always the first week of the new Templar year, no matter which month it is, this entire week is a national holiday. The names of the 12 month are named after the 12 apostles, "the month of Matthew, the month of Mark...ect" To avoid refering to pagan gods, the following is how the Templar Kingdom calls the days of the week.

  • sunday - Sunday
  • monday - Moonday
  • tuesday - Earthday
  • wednesday - Planet(s)day
  • thursday - Starday
  • friday - Fastingday
  • saturday - Lord'sday

Templar Church

The official religion of the Templar Kingdom is the Templar Church [4] an Apostolic Protesant branch. As with all protestant churches, the Templar Church does not recongize the pope nor the vatican. This is due to Pope Clement V, who disbanded the Knights Templar in 1307. However, since 1307 the Templars have continued to exist but as a protestant church/order. Members of the templar church are encouraged to read the Bible daily and to pray daily to IHVH God. The Templar Bible is seen as the ultimate authority in the lives of a devout templar.


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