Kingdom of Jerusalem

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Kingdom of Jerusalem
Kingdom of Jerusalem.gifArmoiries.png

Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit
Ut queant laxis (Saint John Anthem)

Largest city
Official language(s)Latin, English
Official religion(s)Templar Church
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- Prime MinisterN/A
- KingEugenio II
Area claimedOld City of Jerusalem
CurrencySovereign Templar Crown
Time zoneUTC +00:02:24

Jerusalem, officially the Kingdom of Jerusalem, is a micronation based on the rights of the Templars. With Eugenio II is the current Head of State and King of the micronation, the Kingdom was founded by Baldwin I.

Foundation and First Government

In April 2, 2011, a group of Spanish and English citizens of Spain and Great Britain decided to create a micronation based on the values ​​of theocracy, freedom and equality in the law. The Kingdom of Jerusalem seeks to be an alternative model to the states of Israel and Palestine, engaged in permanent war and religious conflicts. It was decided to create a micronational heir of the ancient Kingdom of Jerusalem, correcting the modren day errors of palestine, by placing Jerusalem back under the control of the Templars. Of the 5 candidates to the crown was chosen by the Haute Court (Parliament of Jerusalem) the candidate Francis McGregor, the name chosen as Baldwin VI.

Baldwin VI wrote the declaration of independence of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The first government

The King Baldwin VI called for elections and the citizens of Jerusalem chose the Conservative Party, with Jose García as its leader.

Power to diplomatic initiatives to Prime Minister

The Haute Coeur granted in May 1, 2011, the power to Prime Minister Jose Garcia to take diplomatic initiatives with other micronations, for a period of 15 days.


The oldest religious institution of Jerusalem is the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. Jerusalem does have an official religion: The Templar Church].

The King

The King is the Head of State and holds Jerusalem's representation in official acts and in diplomacy. The King is also comander and chief of the army.

Protectorate kingdom

2019-present HRH Prince Eugenio II of the Templar Kingdom now claims the title of King of Jerusalem, since it belonged to the templars to begin with. Under this protectorate falls only the old city of Jerusalem. The protectorate Kingdom of Jerusalem is member of the Christian Theocratic Union by default of it's Templar Kingdom membership.