Republic of Iridia

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The Democratic Republic of Iridia is a non-territorial italophone micronation founded by Raffaele Ferraro the 1st January 2019. The actual iridian president is Davide Leone. The Iridian Contitution says that Iridia is a democratic republic.

The first days

Approximately during the last week of december 2018, Raffaele Ferraro called some of the main statists of the leonidian scene: from Carlo Cesare Orlando, who will be even the 3rd president of Iridia, and Mario Vellone. The 1st January 2019 the Constitution was ultimated and so it will be the official day known as the "Iridian foundation".

1st cabinet

The 1st iridian president will be Raffaele Ferraro, who were also the secretary of the main aragonist party: the Iridia's Progressive Congress (in italian: Congresso Progressista d'Iridia), who will rule with the support of the other party, more nationalist: the National Republican Party (in ita: Partito Repubblicano Nazionale) which is ruled by Lorenzo Ferraro and Mario Vellone. The iridian constitution says that the Republic's Council is sort of State council whose members are elected directly by the population.

The Five Puroposes

The President Davide Leone, also known as Carlo Cesare Orlando, tried to reactivate the republic, unsucsessiful. During his gouvernment he proposed the Five Purposes for Iridia, but the votations became unactive and so the president and all the State Council decided to Resign. This era is also known as the inactivity era. After that, the president Raffaele Ferraro returned at the Presidence of The State Council.

The Confederation of Etruria-Iridia and the treaty with the RFL

During his presidency, the State Council invites a diplomat from the Democratic Republic of Etruria, another micronation. Then Guy Fawkes, the president of the DR of Etruria, signs a treaty, also known as the Treaty of July 30, which signed the start of the Confederation of Iridia-Etruria, which Had a Constitutional Period. During this constitutional period, an Embassy contacted the gouvernment, and so the 15 october, they signed another treaty, and now the RFL has another state: the Federate State of Iridia-Etruria