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ADAMVS PRIMVS IMPERATOR you said:The reason your page is being considered dubious and fictional is because you are claiming to have things that would be extremely difficult for a micronation to achieve. You don't just claim to have 1,100 citizens without adding some kind of verification, like a link to a third-party source that can confirm the claims.

here is why i claim 1100+ citizens: anyone admited on this page is a citizen, otherwise I would not have let them join this page.
anything else you want me to verify for you?
why is nobody responding now? Typical! quick to judge, but slow to fix things! so bureaucratic!

UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg - User:HolyLand

Maybe because people have better things to do. --AuxiliusvonImperium (talk) 01:25, 6 July 2014 (BST)
then maybe they should also not put labels as "fictional" and "dubious", if they never are gonne verify them.
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg - User:HolyLand
Here's an idea! Either you stop removing those templates, or I ban you and delete every little edit you've ever made on this site! --JosephKennedy (talk) 13:33, 7 July 2014 (BST)

Actually, the burden of proof lies with those making claims. You are the one making the unbelievable and unverifiable claims. These templates have been put on because of that. So please, grab some citations so we can verify the things on this article and thus remove the templates. Seeing as this is dragging on a bit, you've got 3 weeks to verify all of your claims or I will personally delete every article.>Uslssrflag.png  Vitcash, the happy Communist Talk n' Edits  Vitcash (talk) 12:20, 8 July 2014 (BST)

a whole year my article has been on this site and nobody made a fuss! wy the sudden hurry to have to prove things? are you starting a witch hunt against me?
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg - User:HolyLand

What unbelieveble claims? name them! dont just blurt unbelieveble claims as everybody else!

Again, I have given the proof of the citizen number, but still nobody has even looked at it. Also I asked if something else need verifying and still no answer is given, so yes, in that case the one putting the template should either: tell me what else they want verrified or remove the template. not just put the template and then never follow up on it.

UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg - User:HolyLand

HolyLand. I have re-added Joseph Kennedy's message on this wall as it is a current discussion. I have also removed the edited version you did of Vitcash's message. Now, if you edit their messages or remove them; as well as any other person's messages I will see to it that you are permanently banned from this encyclopedia. You editing and removing warnings from Wikia is what got you banned over there and now you want to do that here? Seriously. (PS) "a whole year my article has been on this site and nobody made a fuss! wy the sudden hurry to have to prove things? are you starting a witch hunt against me?" if there were a witch hunt in real life, you'd be gone already...--AuxiliusvonImperium (talk) 15:19, 9 July 2014 (BST)

AGAIN I ask: if something else needs verifying tell me what you want verified.

UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg - [[User:HolyLand]
They are going to tell you. Just wait, people have business and stuff to do. Like I am in the works of preparing for my sophomore year of high school along with my working at my job, they are doing something important as well.--AuxiliusvonImperium (talk) 00:41, 10 July 2014 (BST)