Anti-Socialist Society

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Anti-Socialist Society


The Anti-Socialist Society is an organization operating mainly within the USLSSR, but also is trying to operate abroad. Its main goal is the destruction of Socialism in all its forms. It has been branded at "terrorist group" by the government of the USLSSR. As a current example we just need to look at the crumbling economic conditions in Venezuela, under its socialist leadership of Nicolás Maduro, to understand how dangerous this socialistic system is for the freedoms we hold dear.


The Anti-Socialist Society's aims are to:


When the idea of the USLSSR was conceived by its founders a small group of headstrong capitalists was excluded from making government decisions as it could have hampered the progress of the fledgling nation. As a result, the excluded capitalists took on a militant stance and started to attack the nation by spreading rumors amongst the population and an attempt on the pride of the Minister of Gay/Bi/Lesbian Affairs.

On the 27th of August Danny Harris, the group’s leader was caught up by Soviet forces in the ESSR while he was on an anti-government mission. He was later tried by the Supreme Soviet and exiled from the USLSSR indefinitely. His current whereabouts are unknown but it is thought he is in the Bexley area and still has no popular support.