List of adjectival and demonymic forms for micronations and territories

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This is a list of adjectival and demonymic forms for micronations and territories.


Micronation name Adjectivals Demonyms
official or common colloquial/unofficial
Kingdom of Atovia Atovian/Atovische (national) Atovians/Atovischer(in) N/A
Theolonian (Theolonia) Theolonians/Theolonisher(in)
Götemalmholm (Götemalmholm) Götemalmholmer
Verraland-Sylvanan (Verraland-Sylvana) Verralanders, Sylvanans, Verraland-Sylvanans
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium State Gymnasian Gymnazists, Gymnasians Students
Goldensteinsnewflag.JPG Kingdom of Goldenstein Goldensteiner Goldensteinier Goldensteinare
SaspearianFlag.jpg Saspearian Saspeariard Saspeariard Saspearish, Saspearianite
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Principality of New Eiffel New Eiffelish New Eiffelians New Eiffelian, New Eiffelic, Eiffels
 Falcar Falcarian (national) Falcarians
Arbonian (Arbonia) Arbonians
Svobode (Svoboda) Svobodes, Svobodian
True Falcarian (Inner and Outer Falcar) True Falcarians Dianes
Posafgov.png Principality of Posaf Posafian Posafians Posafi, Posafic, Squamily Members
Flag of Socialist United Republic of Ünie.jpeg Socialist United Republic of Ünie Ünief, Ünic Üniefs
Federation of Aenopia flag.png Empire of Aenopia Aenopian Aenopians N/A
St. John St. Johnian St. Johnians
Flag of the Memeistry.png Kingdom of Memeistry Memeister Memeisters Memer
Kingdom of Mivland Mivlandian Mivlandian/Mivlandish
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire Norish Norfolk Citizens Subjects of HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I
Grand Duchy of Rabenberg Rabenbergian Rabenberger
Tsurasian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Tsurasia Tsurasian Tsurasians
Wegmatflag.jpeg The Kingdom of Wegmat Weg Wegs
Flag of the Principality of Woodlandia.jpg Principality of Woodlandia Woodlandian, Woodlander, Woodlandic Woodlandian, Woodlander, Woodlandic
Luxeflag.svg Democratic Republic of Luxe "Luxesi" -
Arkonia2020.pngArkonia Arkonian (rarely Arkoniac, Arkoniite) Arkonians N/A
2020 Suverska Flag.pngRepublic of Suverska Suverksan, Suverian Suverksans, Suverians
The Micronational Empire of Thebes Theban Thebans Gastonians
 Theodia Theodian Theodians