Republic of Theria

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Republic of Theria
Ʒerinæþ Þerija (Anadl)
Republiken Theria (Swedish)
Flag of Republic of Theria
Coat of arms of Republic of Theria
Coat of arms
Motto: "Crea in Posterum"
"Create the Future"
Anthem: "National Anthem of Theria"
Complete Location of Theria Globe 2.png
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Swedish, Norwegian, Anadl
Recognised languagesToki Pona
Ethnic groups
  • 60% White
  • 40% Unknown
Agnosticism / Atheism
Demonym(s)Theridian / Therik
• President
(Kibica) O'Sullivan
• President
(Orkan) Oosterman
from the United States
• Independence declared
13 January 2022
• Total
0.07837402141 sq mi (0.2029877836 km2)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyKrýna (Unused) / US Dollar (Used) (TKY / USD)
Time zoneUTC-4:35 ( THET-4:35)
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ther (proposed)

The Republic of Theria, commonly known as Theria (/θɛɹiɑ/) (Swedish Republiken Theria) (Anadl Ʒerinæþ Þerija) is a self declared de facto unrecognised nation founded by President O’Sullivan (Kibica) and President Oosterman, Theria classifies itself as an independent nation but to outsiders it is classified as a Micronation. Theria is located on the continent of North America in the New England region of the United States. Currently occupying 4 small areas inside the US state of Massachusetts and a group of rock land near South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Bordering Massachusetts and the Atlantic Ocean. Its total approximate size is 0.1 sq mi (rounded). Theria's capital is the city of Súll with a population of 3 (1 permanent resident and 2 temporary residents) The whole population is 11 as of 2023 with 4 living in Theridian territory.


The name Theria comes from the Greek word "Θηρίο" (Thirío) meaning "Beast". The prefix "-ia" means "land of". So, Theria means land of beasts. In Theria we treat animals equally to humans. The Republic of Theria bears no relation to the subclass of mammals "Theria" .


New Beginnings

13 January 2022, around the time the founder and president of Theria dissolved their past nation, Republic of Kalibia. They worked with the now President, Oosterman to form the Republic of Theria. A nation sought to create friendships and peace between other nations. The early days of Theria were slow and mostly consisted of the basics.

One of the things the presidents worked on was the flag. The flag consisted of 3 horizontal stripes of Yellow, Any shade of blue, and Black. Yellow symbolising the Sun and happiness, Shades of Blue represent Water and Life, and the Black represents the night, our moon, and determination. The Blue strip can be shown with any shade of blue but is usually shown as light blue. Therias flag is also known as the "Continuance of Life" flag. Another essential the presidents created was the Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms for Theria has had about 3 different versions with multiple tweaks and improvements. It has a unique shape of a hard rhombus shield.

Slavtria Concerns

In October of 2022 the Republic of Slavtria had concerns that Theria had stolen & changed their flag. This was not true, the leaders of Theria had not heard of Slavtria during the creation of Theria. As of now the concerns have been cleared up.


On 30 November 2022 Theria along with several other nations created ANAM. Agreement of North American Micronations. The founding micronations are, Theria, Reektby, Dilland, and Firensia. ANAM was created for trading and peace across the continent.

Government & Politics

Theria is a Democratic-Diarchy, meaning there are 2 heads of state but the people of Theria still vote for the presidents after a certain time. As of now, Presidents can be in office for 5 years until the people can vote. Voting time is subject to change

Heads of State

The presidents are allowed to make and pass laws without going through a congress. The presidents are allowed to be in office for 5 years until the citizens can vote. The next vote is in 2027. Voting time is subject to change

Administrative regions

Caption text
Flag CoA Name Area Population Officials

Updated Massachusetts Territory.png

In Development Massachusetts Territory 0.00102175899 sq mi 6 President O'Sullivan

Updated flag for Livian Island.png

First Livian Island coa.png Livian Island / Atlantic Ocean Territory 0.027158981819 sq mi 0 President Oosterman

Flag of Latswadia for Ipad.png

In Development Latswadia 0.0501932806105 sq mi 0 President O'Sullivan


Nocoa.png Vurtual / Unclaimed Areas Unknown 5 The citizens

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognition

Recognition of States and Regions

The following are states, regions, and unrecognised countries that are recognized as independent by the Republic of Theria.


National Holidays

Celebratory Days of the Year:

Caption text
Name / Date

New Years | 1 January

Formation Day | 13 January

President's Day | 12 February

Earth Day | 20 March

Spring Equinox | 20 March

National Puppy Day | 23 March

Atheist Day | 1 April

National Pet Day | 11 April

National Garlic Day | 19 April

International Astronomy Day | 28 April

Bird Day | 4 May

Parents Day | 11 June

International Flags Day | 15 June

Summer Solctice | 21 July

National Months

Caption text
Name / Month

Irish-Theridian Heritage Month | February

Global Astrononmy Month | April

Frog Month | April

Pride Month | June

Hispanic Heritage Month | September

Breast Cancer Awareness Month | October



The Republic of Theria is home to many native plant species. Some such are both coniferous and broadleaf trees, such as the maple and pine. The majority of the ground is covered in grass, occasionally split up with flowers and bushes. Invasive species, deforestation, and wildfires are not issues in Theria as of 2023. Most flora retreats back into the soil during the winter season and regrows in the spring, following a yearly basis. New plants are sometimes imported from Massachusetts for decorative purposes, and do not usually leave the housing buildings. Plants also serve a significant purpose in a citizen's diet. Some things eaten are foods such as berries, grains, vegetables, and other plants. They have to be imported, however, because Theria does not have any farms of their own.


Massachusetts Territory

There are also multiple species of native animals to Theria. The city of Kaliba is closely located to a forested meadow which hosts as a home for many kinds of wildlife. The most common to see are birds. The national animal of Theria, the crow, is a frequent sight in Theridian skies. Other kinds of birds are sparrows, blue jays, red-tailed hawks, american robins, starlings, chickadees, ospreys, turkeys, and mourning doves. Another common sight in Theria are gray squirrels, which are small tree-dwelling rodents with bushy tails. They often raid bird feeders and eat seeds and nuts for food. Larger animals that wander out of the meadow are white-tailed deer, red foxes, gray foxes, coyotes, striped skunks, raccoons, eastern cottontails, groundhogs, and opossums. The occasional reptile and amphibian are also native. The garter snake, snapping turtle, frog, or salamander are all native creatures. Theria also borders the ocean, so some small shallow saltwater fish such as the minnow are endemic species. Some domestic animals such as dogs or cats also occasionally enter Theridian territory.

Livian Island

Livian Island, being close to Antarctica, has a variety of unique marine animals. Some are fur seals and king penguins, as seen on the coat of arms, as well as a number of birds such as the skua and albatross. There are also macaroni penguins, elephant seals, and antarctic prions.

Geography and Climate


As of 2023, there is only readily available weather data for the Massachusetts Territory of Theria, which falls in the Humid Subtropical region of Massachusetts, which is characterized by its hot summers and cool winters. The monthly average rainfall is about 3 to 4 inches per month, which adds up to about 48 inches per year. Temperatures usually never get above 90 degrees or below 10 degrees fahrenheit, although some days have proven otherwise. On August 4th 2022, temperatures reached up to 100 degrees fahrenheit. On February 4th, 2023, an extreme cold front brought in temperatures around -10 degrees fahrenheit.

Climate data for Massachusetts Territory, Theria
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 39
Daily mean °F (°C) 30
Average low °F (°C) 21
Average Precipitation inches (cm) 4
Source: Weatherbase[1]

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are not common in Theria, but they do still happen. The capital city of Súll is prone to minor flooding as it is on the coast of the Atlantic. Hurricanes have also occurred but are very uncommon and have not done any major damage to any buildings in the area. The most common would probably be heat waves. They usually occur in the summer months and can bring possible drought. Heat waves in Theria are relatively mild compared to other states, with temperatures of around 90 to 100 degrees fahrenheit.


Massachusetts Territory

The Massachusetts Territory of Theria borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the US State of Massachusetts, hence the name. The city of Súll borders the coast, and features a rocky drop off to a small sandy beach. The other areas are landlocked. Some areas are flat, such as Latswadia, and others have hills and dips, such as Súll's beaches. There are not any notable landforms.

Livian Island

Livian Island is a small island located near South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is primarily made of rock, with not much vegetation or landform. There have not been any settlements by humans and is probably only home to marine animals.


Theria uses its own unique currency called the Krýna. Theria has a lot of inspiration from Nordic languages. Krýna comes from the Old Norse language and means Crown. Theria also uses a coin currency called the Eris. The currency symbol for the Krýna is ⅄ and the currency symbol for the Eris is Ə.


A Krýna is the official currency of Theria. It takes the form of both a banknote and a coin. The currency symbol is ⅄. The Krýnas consist of ⅄01, ⅄05, ⅄10, ⅄15, ⅄20, ⅄50, and ⅄100.

Krýna banknote.

Eris (Eyrirs)

An Eris (or Eyrir) is the coin currency of Theria. The currency symbol for an Eris is Ə. Eris consist of 01Ə, 05Ə, 10Ə, 15Ə , 20Ə, and 50Ə. Current Coins are outdated and are under redevelopment.


Súll /'sɘl/ is Theria's capital. It was formed around the time Theria was formed. It is classified as a Hamlet as the population is less than 500. The total population is 3 with 2 temporary residents. The name Súll comes from the founder and current president's last name, O'Sullivan. Súll is located in the Massachusetts region and was the area where Theria was founded.

Flag of Súll, Theria
Súll housing building.


The hamlet of Kaliba /'kaleba/,Theria is the second claimed territory of the Republic of Theria. Its leader, Jennifer O'Sullivan was the first citizen of Kaliba when Theria annexed Kaliba. Kaliba has a temporary population of 3 with 1 permanent resident. Kaliba's size is about 0.0001337804 km².

Flag of Kaliba, Theria
Town of Kaliba housing building.


Latswadia is an unpopulated separate region of land within the Republic of Theria, controlled by the Theridian Government

Flag of Latswadia, Theria

Livian Island

Livian Island is a small group of rocks near the Island of South Georgia claimed by the Republic of Theria. The name Livian comes from the name Livia which means blue like the blue ocean Livian Island is surrounded by water and currently has a population of zero.

Media and Larger Representation


Theria has its own broadcasting network called Theridian Broadcasting Network or TBN for short. TBN was made by President O'Sullivan to promote updates about Theria for citizens and others who are interested.

TBN Logo.png

Game Representation

Theria has expanded its presence to platforms larger than MicroWiki. One of these platforms is Roblox. On Roblox there is an experience named Country Collectors. Country Collectors is an experience about collecting pins of different countries, territories, micronations and others. President O'Sullivan talked with the creator of the experience to add a Republic of Theria pin and the creator agreed. It can be collected by asking President O'Sullivan in game to give it to you.


National Sport

The national sport that represents Theria is Archery. Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. In archery players use a traditional or compound bow to shoot arrows at a target or at animals for hunting.

Popular Sports

Popular sports are sports that are played the most in Theria. Those sports being:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Soccer/Football
  • Karate
  • Dance

Unofficial National Sports

Unofficial National Sports are sports that aren't the official sport but are highly represented in Theria.

  • Tennis
  • Badninton

Registration Plate

The registration plates in Theria are currently used only on bikes, Theria's national transport vehicle. As of right now, the plates are made from paper and not metal.

New Theridian License Plate.png

Registration Code Used For Used/Unused
THC Citizens of Theria Unused
GOV Theridian Government Used
TPD Theridian Police Dept. Unused
TFD Theridian Fire Dept . Unused
TMS Theridian Medical Svcs. Unused
M Theridian Military Unused
MV TH. Military Veteran Unused


Citezenship in Theria is very simple. If you are intresed in becoming one all you have to do is fill out the form and print your certificate of citizenship. That certificate acts as your passport as Theria cannot hand out passports at this time. For the form you can click here. -> Form

See also

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