Socialist United Republic of Ünie

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Socialist Republic of Ünie
Flag of Socialist United Republic of Ünie.jpeg

“Live, Work, Have Fun”
And, I like it!
Capital city New Murph
Largest city Los Maiti
Official language(s) English, Ünic, Ünlish (Co-official), Zulu (Co-official), Afrikaans (Co-official), Setswana (Minority), Xhosa (Minority), Hungarian (Minority), Tswana (Minority), Venda (Minority), Icelandic (Minority)
Ethnic groups 46% South African, 23% Tswana people, 16% Kalanga people, 5% American, 3% Native Ünief, 1% Hungarian, 6% Other
Official religion(s) 50% Christianity (Anglican), 14% Christianity (Protestant), 6% Christianity (Seventh-day Adventist), 20% No religion, 6% Jewish, 2% Other Christianity, 1.5% Islam, 0.3% Buddhist, 0.2% Other
Short name SURÜ
Demonym Ünief or Ünic
Government Semi-Unitary Parliamentary Republic
- President Glane Brist
- Prime Minister V. C. Nbtja
- Ster Leader Thandolwethu Sonny
- Semi-Ster Arno B. Botha III
- Master A. Yank T. Brist
- Upper House Upper Sters
- Lower House Lower Sters
- Type - National Assembly
- Number of seats - 137
- Last election - 6 July 2018
Established 6 July 2002
Area claimed 201.328 Square Miles
Population 126 (Number of residents excluding disputed territory)
Currency Ünie Dollar
National sport Fragile Ball
National dish Easvöt
National drink Fu’kal
National animal African Wild Dog
SURÜ is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations

The Socialist United Republic of Ünie, (SURU or SURÜ) formerly known as the True United People’s Socialist Republic of Ünieazwati, is a self-declared independent state or micronation founded on July 6, 2002. Ünie is located between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Ünie is one of 4 successors to the New Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros after the New Comoros Conflict.


Number Name Capital Date of Admission Population Current District Leader
1 Sunrise District Zajin City October 31, 2002 25 Buhle W. Kacajfg
2 New Zimbabwe Boks November 4, 2002 11 Puma Birist II
3 Blue-Green District New Murph January 1, 2003 40 Cebisa E. Kacajfg
4 Red-Yellow District N/A January 3, 2003 12 Arno B. Botha II
5 Mbandaka Villesuay April 23, 2007 10 Gamba M. L.
6 New Hungary Los Maiti February 19, 2009 7 David James Smith
7 Kings Land Ünie City June 1, 2017 5 Glane Brist
8 Tonvalk N/A March 9, 2018 15 Puma Birist I

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