Socialist United Republic of Ünie

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Socialist Republic of Ünie

Motto: “Live, Work, Have Fun”
Anthem: And, I like it!
CapitalNew Murph
Largest cityLos Maiti
Official languagesEnglish, Ünic, Ünlish (Co-official), Zulu (Co-official), Afrikaans (Co-official), Setswana (Minority), Xhosa (Minority), Hungarian (Minority), Tswana (Minority), Venda (Minority), Icelandic (Minority)
Demonym(s)Ünief or Ünic
GovernmentSemi-Unitary Parliamentary Republic
• President
Glane Brist
• Prime Minister
V. C. Nbtja
• Ster Leader
Thandolwethu Sonny
• Semi-Ster
Arno B. Botha III
• Master
A. Yank T. Brist
Upper Sters
Lower Sters
Establishment6 July 2002
• (Number of residents excluding disputed territory) census
CurrencyÜnie Dollar
SURÜ is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations

The Socialist United Republic of Ünie, (SURU or SURÜ) formerly known as the True United People’s Socialist Republic of Ünieazwati, is a self-declared independent state or micronation founded on July 6 2002. Ünie is located between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Ünie is one of 4 successors to the New Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros after the New Comoros Conflict.


Number Name Capital Date of Admission Population Current District Leader
1 Sunrise District Zajin City October 31, 2002 25 Buhle W. Kacajfg
2 New Zimbabwe Boks November 4, 2002 11 Puma Birist II
3 Blue-Green District New Murph January 1, 2003 40 Cebisa E. Kacajfg
4 Red-Yellow District N/A January 3, 2003 12 Arno B. Botha II
5 Mbandaka Villesuay April 23, 2007 10 Gamba M. L.
6 New Hungary Los Maiti February 19, 2009 7 David James Smith
7 Kings Land Ünie City June 1, 2017 5 Glane Brist
8 Tonvalk N/A March 9, 2018 15 Puma Birist I

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