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Republic of Onopolissia
Flag of Onopolissia
Motto: "porro in valle victoriae"
"Onward to the valley of victory"
A view of the lush valley which engulfs the nation.
A view of the lush valley which engulfs the nation.
LocationEast coast of the Australian continent
CapitalLachlan’s Lookout
LargestWallaby Tops
Official languagesEnglish
• President
Lachlan 1
Board of Advisors
Representatives’ Collective
• Concept of Onopolissia Developed
20 October 2022
• Total
7.29 km2 (2.81 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 census
Time zoneUTC+10 (Onopolissian Valley Time)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+12
Internet TLD.on

The Republic of Onopolissia, more commonly known as Onopolissia, is a micronation in Sydney, Australia. After the concept of a nation to replace Australland began in August 2022, a country scaffold was made to build Onopolissia from.

The country is lead by the President, who has the final say in all government bills and decisions. He is followed by the board of advisors, each advisor representing a different ministry, and beneath that level comes the state premiers, and then state ministries. After them comes the bottom of the hierarchy, the Representatives’ Collective.

Onopolissia is a part of the Micronational Community of Oceania, and also has relations with the Republic of Auroria.


The name ‘Onopolissia’ is a unique one, made up of three main components. The ‘Ono’ represents ‘one’, symbolising a nation together. The ‘poli’ is short for politics, which the nation hopes to have a large collective of, and the ‘-sia’ suffix is common among country names like Molossia and Indonesia.


Onopolissia does not have a large history, due to its somewhat short existence, but has had a few important events.

During August 2022, it was decided that Australland would be succeeded in the future by a Republic, which became Onopolissia.

In Halloween 2022, the state banned entry without authorisation, symbolising that the country was still forming at that time.

Also, the nation ‘unofficially succeeded’ Australland.

Hosting of the 2024 MOF Remote Games

See more: 2024 MOF Remote Games

After bidding for the MOF Games 2024, Onopolissia was successfully chosen as the host for the 2024 MOF Remote Games. They are set to be held between 13 April and 5 May 2024, and will be the first games in the 2020s to be held in a remotely attended format.

Politics and government


The president is the final decision maker and bill passer of Onopolissia. They represent the country as a whole, and are the leader of the winning party in the elections.

Board of Advisors

The board is made up of a representative from each ministry, and advise the President when he makes decisions. The representatives are usually, but not always, the leader of the Ministry.


Each state in Onopolissia is represented by a premier. They are elected separately to the President, and can only vote on state-relevant decisions.

Representatives’ Collective

The representatives’ collective is made up of representatives from all across the country. There are no set areas for ‘seats’, representatives are elected by the amount of votes a government gets, so if a government got 75% of the votes, then 15 out of 20 representatives would be from that party.

Political parties

Political parties are some of the oldest things in Onopolissia, existing before even the constitution! The main parties are the Labor Party, and uniquely, the Greens. This is unique because in most countries, greenism is not widely favoured.[citation needed]

Logo Name Spectrum Ideologies
Greens GRE Left-Wing Green Progressivism
Labor LAB Left-Wing Social Democraticism
Independents IND Varied Varied

Law and order

Police are around the nation, from guarding the border to protecting streets. Many are armed with ‘nerf guns’, some even with spears. There have been no arrests in the country yet.


The military has had no tasks yet, but has undergone a massive training scheme. Soldiers have understandings of air-pressure bombs, as well as water-bomb drones, which are accessible to them.


Onopolissia has five main ministries, the environment ministry, the sports ministry, the foreign affairs ministry, the education ministry and the civil affairs ministry.

Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the environment and wildlife in Onopolissia. It manages the bushland of the nation.

Ministry of Sports

The Ministry of Sport is responsible for sporting regulations and the decisions in international sporting relations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the foreign relations and actions between Onopolissia and other countries.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for Onopolissia's education system. It is led by Dr. Hemanshu Parmar, the only minister who does not live in the nation itself.

Ministry of Civil Affairs

The Ministry of Civil Affairs is responsible for regulating everyday things, like food costs, and making decisions to help daily life.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is responsible for the regulation of health in Onopolissia.

Foreign Relations

Onopolissia has many foreign relations with other micronations and intermicronational organisations.

It is a member of the MCO and the MOF.

Ratings on Various Classification Systems:

Onopolissia has upkept classification status regularly, and is graded by some classification systems on this page each year. It is also graded on most lists of micronations.

Boodlesmythe-Tallini Classification

Onopolissia is a Bricks and Mortar nation with a small population and aims for a statehood. This makes it a 5th world country.

Gerhát-type MDI

Onopolissia has 10-15 people, and its capital is a settlement without a substantial amount of tourist attractions. Onopolissia has many national icons, and every citizen has a form of identification. The nation produces at least one saleable item. As such, Onopolissia has a grading of 3.2 out of 5, making it a 'medium-colored micronation'.

Dresner's Categoric-Gradial System

Onopolissia has a population of <15 with a strong culture, has <10 allies, is known and watched and less than $50 is spent on the nation each year. As such, Onopolissia has a CGSoC Score of 2.6, and is classed as being 'relatively insignificant, but not necessarily to be ignored'.

Linden's Categoric-Gradial System

Onopolissia has a slightly active government, with a strong culture, is not criticised and only has positive relations, spends less than $50 each year, has excellent amenities, and as such has a rating of 3.6, and is 'one of the most significant micronations'.

Freayth's System

Onopolissia's government is somewhat inactive, has excellent amenities with public transport, a budget of less than $25 USD, a strong cultural presence, moderate freedoms and has an agreeable influence on the community. This leaves it with a rating of 4 out of 6, leaving it as an 'influential and advanced micronation'.

UBS (Usian Scale)

Onopolissia has 5 cabinet-level departments, two documents issued for citizenship, about five sub-cabinet-level departments, takes 1-3 days to make a law and members of government hold one office each. Onopolissia's score on the scale is 4, and is 'a more populous micronation'

Hamilton's Scale of Micronational Seriousness

If the internet ceased to exist, Onopolissia would be agreeably impacted. Citizens must apply and receive official documents, aims to become a recognised nation, has a structured parliament with elections and some meetings, and has a Second Opinion (local resident) of 3. With these results, Onopolissia receives a score of 3.5 and is 'an average nation'.

Revised Patel Scale

Onopolissia is mostly serious with a real interest in secession and has a government with a variation of beliefs and 3 parties. It is recognised by many non-sovereign micronational organisations, has a considerable amount of territory and is the unchallenged head of most of the nation's land.

This gives it a score of 7.5, placing it just underneath the secessionist macronations category.


(This section was too long, so it has been shortened to just the final score)

Onopolissia is a 2nd World Micronation.

Admnistrative regions

Onopolissia is made up of states (part of the main land claim in the valley), and outposts (further afield claims). They are all represented by premiers.

Flag Name Area Population
Capital 0.154km2 5
Eastern Valley 1.47km2 2
Bluegum 1.26km2 1
Sugarbag 2.46km2 2
Game 1.95km2 1
Bayside 0.052km2 2

Geography and climate

Onopolissia is home to quite a lot of plants, often arranged in gardens like the one seen here.

Main article: Geography of Onopolissia

Onopolissia is situated in a valley in northern Sydney. Lush forest covers most of the country, but there are some clearings and rivers. There are three main bodies of water, the Sugarbag River, the Bluegum River and Lake Pool. They run in the bottom of the valleys of Onopolissia, except Lake Pool, which is man-made.

Onopolissia has a warm climate, with years starting around 24 degrees Celsius. This is lower than Sydney as a whole, due to the tree cover shielding some of the heat. As the year moves on, it stays warm until May, when the temperature drops rapidly to around 16 degrees Celsius. This is maintained through winter, then a gradual increase in temperature occurs over the rest of the year. The country also lays claims on a slope on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour.


Onopolissia does not tree-fell, even though the state is abundant in trees. This is to keep the forest in it’s natural cooler climate. The Onopolissian Polibuck is the state currency, pegged to the Australian 4 dollar. It’s smaller counterpart is the Policoin, worth 10 Australian Cents.


A U Set funicular on the slope between Parliament House and Rock Curve

Onopolissia has a small network of funicular lines across Capital State. These are the Upper Garden Loop and the Lower Garden Line. Both lines are served by ‘U Sets’, the only rolling stock on the system. The system has eight stations, and traverses the slopes around the states. The system was opened officially on the 9th of December 2022, and there are extensions planned to head into the valley itself.

Click to enlarge

Onopolissia also has a network of roads across the nation, however only the roads of Capital State have been mapped.

Culture and media


Onopolissia is home to much culture, predating the country itself. This includes having campfires every few nights and drinking both tea and coffee, with no arguments around which is better.


There is a popular BMX trail running down through the Sugarbag State, which has made it the most popular sport in the state.


Onopolissia’s citizens often attend schooling at Australian Schools. This is because the national education system is still being designed, and does not have any schools.

The Arts

Onopolissia has a huge emphasis on the arts, with multiple awards to artists living in the country. There are qualified musicians who take residence here and there are performances of repertoire regularly. Citizen composed pieces are often played at press conferences and international meetings.

The Press

Onopolissia has a small press system, comprising of one newspaper, the Micro Monthly. This mostly has laid back tips and tricks for lifestyle, but does come with a news section.

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