2024 MOF Remote Games

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2024 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Host Onopolissia
MottoProsperity, Progress, Peace
Nations participating6
Athletes participating11
Events8 (+1 Exhibition)
Opening Ceremony1 May 2024
Closing Ceremony15 May 2024
Preceded by2023 MOF Games
Succeeded by2025 MOF Games

The 2024 MOF Remote Games, alternatively the 2024 Intermicronational Remote Games or Onopolissia 2024, are the current Micronational Olympic Federation Remotely Attended Games, hosted by Onopolissia, from 1 May to 15 May 2024, after being chosen as the host nation by the Commissioner Council on 8 December 2023.[1]

Coinciding eGames

Slitronia hosted the 2024 MOF eGames in the same year.

Official Bids

For both the 2024 games, the bidding process was altered in contrast to previous events. Instead of a vote to decide the host nation, the Commissioner Council directly selected a candidate.[2] The announcement to register bids was made on 4 November 2023, with the deadline being 30 November.[2][3]

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Confirmation
Forestia No logo submitted. 27 November 2023
Onopolissia 4 November 2023


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