2018 MOF Games

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2018 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Host MOF
MottoImperfect, is Perfect
Nations participating6
Athletes participating7
Opening Ceremony15 February 2018
Closing Ceremony26 February 2018
Officially opened byNicholas Randouler
Preceded byInaugural Games
Succeeded by2019 MOF Games

The 2018 MOF Prep Games was the first edition of the MOF Games. The MOF has all events online so more people will compete. In the games, three events were played and three national titles are given out.


There were three events in the 2018 MOF Prep Games. It also included three National Titles.

Tic Tac Toe

The Tic Tac Toe events took place on a Google Drawing hosted by Posaf. The Tic Tac Toe was played on a classic three-by-three board. If two ties happened in the Semi-Finals the board would have expanded to a four-by-four board but winning by three in a row. If a tie happened in the final after two rounds both finalists would have received gold. Each game was best two out of three.

The final of the event was a tie so Justin Donamana (POS), and Nicolas Millan (MNG) were both awarded gold in the Tic Tac Toe final.


(bold indicates winner)

Game 1:

Nathan Michaeve vs. Justin Donamana

Game 2:

Nicholas Randouler vs. Nicolas Millan

POS vs. MNG Semi-final

Medal Matches

Bronze Match: Nathan Michaeve vs. Nicholas Randouler

Final: Justin Donamana vs. Nicolas Millan


The Checkers event at the 2018 MOF Games were held on a Google Drawing. It was on a six by six with each player getting 6 pieces. The classic rules of checkers applied for every game.


(bold indicates winner)

Game 1:

Queen Abby vs. Nathan Michaeve

Game 2:

Nicolas Millan vs Pablo Macias

Medal Matches

Bronze Match: Nathan Michaeve vs. Pablo Macias

Final: Queen Abby vs. Nicolas Millan

Agar.io Party

The Agar.io Party games were being held at a private party on Agar.io. There was one game and it was ranked on by who stays in the game the longest. Also, there was only a final for the games consisting of five cy-letes.

Rank Name Nation Time
1 Nathan Michaeve Quietrock 05:04:31
2 Nicolas Millan Millania 01:30.82
3 Nicholas Randouler Posaf 01:07.05
4 Justin Donamana Posaf 00:56.98
5 Prince Cooper Jasooper N/A

National Titles

Three National titles were given out based on their appearance. The three titles included: Best Flag, Best Motto, and Best Coat of Arms. On February 12 the Best National Anthem was switched to Best Coat of Arms after only Andany had a national anthem. Once a nation sends one athlete to the games they are automatically qualified for the three titles.

Best Flag

The Best Flag award was given out on 17 February as the first award given out. The judges looked for four main points by judging the flags, distortion, symmetry, noticeable, and colors. The distortion is based on if you zoom in on the flag, it won't be distorted and look out of place.

Nation Flag Placement Reasoning
Phyrria 1 The flag has meaning with the colors, as purple the color of royalty, black meaning protection, and white being unity. Also it has the 7 pointed star for the seven tribes of Phyrria.
Andany 2 The flag represents the nature, peace, and unity, with the Oak tree, a common Andanian tree, representing equality.
Posaf 3 The flag represents a blue sky with a future and a white base for purity. In the middle the green "pole" represents the trees in Posaf.

Best Motto

The Best Motto award was given out on February 18. It was judged on how well the motto represents the micronation and its people. There was a tie in the voting so Andany and Posaf shared the Bronze Medal.

Nation Motto Placement Reasoning
Phyrria "Accept differences to unite as one" 1 The motto represents Queen Abby's goal for peace in the world. It also shows the pride of the Phyrrian people.
Millania "Liberty and Order" 2 The motto represents the way the Millanian people work, and the what the nation looks to strive in.
Posaf "Lets Be One" 3 The motto represents how the Posaf people are welcoming and how they strive for unity.

Best Coat of Arms

For the best Coat of Arms the decision was made by the Alpenian Empire. They ranked the choices and the top three meddled for the National Title. The MOF took away the reasoning portion of the best Coat of Arms because Alpenia simply picked the best out of how appealing it was to them

Nation Coat of Arms Placement
Andany 1
Millania 2
Posaf 3


The Official event calendar of the 2018 MOF Games

      Event Finals        Event Competitions        Opening Ceremony        Closing Ceremony 
Event 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th
Ceremonies OC CC
Agar.io Party 1
Best Coat of Arms 1
Best Flag 1
Best Motto 1
Checkers 1
Tic Tac Toe 1

Micronations Participating

Six micronations competed in the Prep Games. There were seven available slots open but was changed to six. The reason for the change was so there was an open for Independent Micronational Cy-athletes (IMC).

Flag Nation MOF Code Cy-letes
Posaf POS 2
Millania MNG 1
Jasooper JAS 1
Republic of Quietrock QUI 1
Phyrrian Tribes PHY 1
Andany ADY 1

Micronations Cy-letes


  • Pablo Macias


  • Prince Cooper


  • Nicolas Millan


  • Queen Abby


  • Nicholas Randouler
  • Justin Donamana


  • Nathan Michaeve

On September 20, 2018, the Principality of Andany was revoked of all its Medals earned by its cyleats due to the revel of Andany being a scam.

Medal Table

Rank Micronation Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals
1 Phyrrian Tribes 3 0 0 3
2 Millania 2 3 0 5
3 Posaf 1 2 2 5
5 Quietrock 1 0 4 5
6 Jasooper 0 0 0 0
N/A Andany N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total 7 5 6 18

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