Pablo Macias

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Prince Pablo "Lyon"
Macias of Andany
Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias

Born 2005 (age 18–19)

Nationality Méxican (Xicano)

Formation 25 July 2017

Term length July 25, 2017 – Present

Prince of The Principality of Andany

Inaugural holder Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias

Political party Athenian Imperial Party

Lives in U.S. Andean Embassy Extraterritoriality

Activity Inactive

Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias (born 2005) is a disgraced Andean politician currently serving as Prince of the Principality of Andany, a position that he has been in since July 25, 2017. His monarchical term started on the 25th of July in 2017, (a date also known for the official founding of Andany). He has stated that he enjoys ruling this "tax-free" nation.


In September 2018, many amounts of evidence were leaked about Andany and Pablo to the public, including lying about his location, lying about many of Andanys achievements, orchestrating a fake trip to Australia, and using an illegal credit card to buy a domain name for Andany's Government website which is suspected to have been shut down by wix for that reason, Pablo has since been inactive after he and Andany were exposed.

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