Territory of Mālaekahana

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Territory of Mālaekahana


Nickname(s): "The Beach State"
Motto: "Ke kāohi iā Andany a me kona poʻe. (Protecting Andany and its people.)"
Mother Country Andanyflag.png Principality of Andany
Incorporated 15 June 2018
Founder Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias
Territory capital Lua'awa
 - Governor Nicolás Manzanares
Population (2018)
 - Total 0
Demonym Mālaekahanans
Time zone UTC-9:30
ZIP code 2--
Vehicle registration MA ---

The Territory of Mālaekahana is a hoax-territory claimed by the Principality of Andany. It is known for being the most recent Andanian annexation and for it being located next to the American State of Hawai'i.