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The foreign relations of the Principality of Andany are made by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Foreign Offices of Andany, also known as embassies, are located primarily in four different countries. Andany is also a member of the Union Against Micronational War, United Micropact, and the founding nation of the Micronational Olympic Group. The Principality has 6 total embassies. None are recognized by any government under which land they are in (México and the United States). The Andanian Embassies in México are in the cities of Aguascaliéntes, Puerto Vallarta, Zacatecas, and Cancún. While the other two in the United States are in Las Vegas and New York City.

Countries with Andanian Embassies.

The Andanian Commonwealth establishes and maintains foreign relations with other states through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Foreign Office. The Foreign Office was established in 2017 and is maintained under close supervision by the Prince The Commonwealth has recognized many different territorial entities, some including the Republic of Liber, Kingdom of Befshire and Vatican City. Andany continues to recognize other nations. The Principality of Andany recognizes several other micronations, such as, the Republic of Molossia, the Conch Republic, Filettino, the Republic of Kosovo, and many more.[1]

Andany recognizes and maintains diplomatic relations with the following countries:

Unilateral recognitions

Andany doesn't recognize

  • Flag of the Islamic State.svg.png Islamic State - Considered as a terrorist organization (12 December 2017)


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