Kingdom of Befshire

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Kingdom Of Befshire

Vivunt extra arca archa (Latin: Live outside the box)
National anthem of Example
Woolfardisworthy, Devon, United Kingdom
Capital cityAbbot
Largest cityAbbot
Official language(s)English
Short nameBefshire
Area claimed1km²
Population5 (as of November 2017)
Time zoneGMT
National sportChess
National animalParrot

The Kingdom of Befshire is a micronation founded on the 31 of August 2016 by King Kai I.


The Kingdom was formed in response to an unsettled group of friends after the announcement of Brexit in 2016. The name 'Befshire' came from the misspelling of Bedshire (as in the English county of Bedfordshire) Which was being researched for personal reasons by founder and King Kai I.



The British Isles was divided in the 2016 Brexit referendum, and the foundation of the Nation was conceptualized with the announcement of the pull from the European Union, this was done by King Kai I, in response to his inability to vote due to him being under the voting age in the UK.


The Kingdom was formed by a group of 6 people after the conceptualization; the subsequent year period was a quiet one for the kingdom, with the founders concentrating on their studies, The only notable event was the declaration of war on Panama, which was brought to peace in the Reformation on September 2017.


Due to a lack of activity in the previous year, the Kingdom had gone forgotten about it. The king, Kai I, decided that some work was needed. This came with the following 3 months becoming a period of extreme activity in which many organizations were formed and put to use.

Government and politics

The Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy. This means the Monarch only stands for ceremonial and judicial purposes but has a direct influence on the laws of the nation. they, however, can only dissolve the government in a military, economic, or political disaster in which both the King and prime minister feels it would be best for the country.

Law and order

The Judicial system and police force are all voluntary, allowing for people to control what happens to themselves with anyone in connection to the crime of criminal barred from volunteering to the case.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Befshire is a peaceful nation with no violent intents. And recognizes all secessionist Micronations that don't make blanket claims or claims in which they cannot enforce their legislation upon(Including Antarctic and space Claims)

Unrecognised Marconations

A list of Marconations of which the Kingdom doesn't accept the existence of with the reason for the lack of acceptance is found here


Name Date Joined position
Micronational Assembly 2017 Member
Federate Union of micronations 2017 Member
Micronational Olympic Federation 2018 Member
Virtual Micronational Soccer League 2018 Member
British Isles Micronational Council 2018 Member


The Befshirian army is a small army that uses a range of guerrilla and infiltration tactics to defeat enemies. All soldiers are trained for a minimum of a year and must master the messages of 'The art of war' by Sun Tzu. The Military is the last resort for the kingdom when it comes to foreign relations, the preferred way is to settle the conflict over a 3 round game of chess.

On the first of December, the Parliament voted to introduce a new act, stating that any Nation that openly abuses human or animal rights, Or refuses to reduce its pollution levels is an open target for justification of war from the Kingdom.

The Kingdom uses bows and arrows, paintball guns, and air rifles for its defense.

Geography and climate

The Kingdom is situated in the county of Devon in England, the kingdom is near the famous fishing village of Clovelly.


The Kingdom lays claim to pockets of land across the Torridge area of North Devon. The Majority of the land is covered in a conifer Forrest.

Local PAge.png

The weather is normally raining or overcast with the average temperature being around 10 °C.


The Kingdom has currently no market, money is generated by the citizens who pay 2% of their yearly earnings. This money is currently being stored and is only used at the moment for state celebrations.


The Bank of Befshire (BOB) is the nationalized bank system.


The Kingdom currently uses The British Pound (GBP). However, the King has laid out the idea of switching to the Unum a currency currently in creation by the Micronational assembly. However, if this is not produced any time within the foreseeable future the king plans to implement his currency.


Education is the utmost important feature of the Kingdom and they promote learning of advanced information such as physics and mathematics whilst attempting to remove ideas such as flat earth.

National Chess League

The National Chess League, also known as the BCL (Befshirian Chess League), is the most broadcasted sports League in the Kingdom with a wide range of people that compete from civilians to politicians to the king himself.


The kingdom has a wide range of traditions that span all aspects of life.

Traditional meals

It is Befshirian tradition to have a roast dinner every Sunday evening. This was a tradition brought in from England. However, it is Befshirian tradition to have a Chinese takeaway on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and to have both roast goose and roast duck on Christmas day.

Birthday traditions

The birthday is a very important time of year for Beffers. If the person celebrating there birthday is over the age of eighteen then the person celebrating must drink a yard of ale without stopping, tradition is if you fail you buy everyone in the pub your in a drink and a shot.


It is Befshirian tradition that every Sunday morning a game of chess is played between the father and the eldest child living in the household.


The Befshirian Times is a News outlet set up in October 2017 By the Befshirian Broacsting company and the company has plans to start its radio station.


The Kingdom has a few government-owned agencies.


The Royal Space And Aeronautical Agency of Befshire(RSAAB), is the countries leading research center for the development of space travel in the Kingdom.


The Kingdom of Befshire Football Association(KBFA) is the government ran governing body for Football in the Kingdom and supports the national team.


The Befshirian Chess Association(BCA) is the governing board for both the National Chess League and the national Chess team.


The Befshrian environmental Protection agency(BFPA) is the Government ran environmental protection board who have the legal power to bring in any environmental protection law without the consent of parliament, however it does need consent from the Current Monarch.


The Befshrian Intelligence agency(BIA) is the national security center and is in charge of all covert operations in the Kingdom and outside the kingdom.

The Micronation Ratings

Name Novemeber 2017 Score March 2018 Score September 2019 score
David's System of Classification 1 month old 4 Months old 4 Months old
Dresner's System of Classification N/A Average Micronation Average Micronation
Economic Potential Index 2 2 2
Freayth's System of Classification Culturally advanced and influential Culturally Advanced and influential Culturally Advanced and influential
Linden's Revised System of Classification Average Micronation Significant Micronation Significant Micronation
Skywalker's Composite System of Classification N/A 12.3 6.3

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