New Varkin Republic

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Although the Republic of Varkin is quite new, the Empire of Varkin has been around for a very long time, although with shifting amounts of territory. Not much of this history is written down.

At the beginning of February 2018, the peoples of Varkin were extremely unhappy with their current position of being a nomadic civilization, roaming around and settling whenever they wanted to. They decided as a whole to become united and powerful under one ruler, Ross Hong. They elected him Ruler of Varkin, and named the De Jure flag of Varkin the De Facto flag of Varkin. Their constitution was drafted on the 16th of February, 2018.


At the moment, the New Varkin Republic is separated into two branches of governing: the Parliament, and the King. The parliament has a total of four members, including the King, and are responsible for making laws and passing detailed jurisdiction. The Kings' status is that of a figurehead, however is also highly autonomous. Although the King cannot throw parliament members into jail or do anything to harm them or their position in Varkin society, he has the power to direct military forces and pass general laws and general jurisdiction. The King also acts as the judiciary branch of the government, and is also the executioner, however, the King has mae an active statement saying that "I will never use my power to kill someone of my own nation."

The full constitution is online, and can be read here.


The New Varkin Republic is defended by an army of only the King. The entire arsenal of the country is a wooden staff, a .308 rifle, and a small Fiat 500e.


A map of the 3 provinces of the New Varkin Republic.

Although all territory of the NVR is not recognized by the United States of America, Varkin still has taken a stance that the regions below are theirs.

Fort Ross

Fort Ross, which is circled black in the image to the right, is the capitol of New Varkin Republic. It currently has an on/off population of 1, but is the administrative and rural area of the Republic. One road leads into the capitol, Varkin Ave.

Oldera Nueva

Older Nueva, circled in yellow, is the population center of the NVR. Most of the ~70 people living here have no Varkin citizenship, however the King, Ross Hong, claims they are under the jurisdiction of the NVR. Only 11 people in this region are citizens. The King can usually be found residing here.

Exterioris Regio

Exterioris Regio is the final outer claim of the Varkin Republic, and is the only region with more than one road. At the moment, this is the largest territory of the Republic. It expands the length of the NVR to roughly ~2.2k feet in length.

Claimed Territory

A map of Varkinian claims in Antarctica.

The ruler of the NVR, King Ross Hong, claims that the Ross Ice Shelf is actually a part of Varkin. So far, no one has objected to this claim, however, the country may run into some problems later on with other micronations.

Dissent Within the Country

Many within the borders of the New Varkin Republic wish to return back to the Empire of Varkin, and continue aggressive diplomacy against neighboring regions to annex them. The King himself find himself at a crossroads, and the future of the country is quite uncertain. The King has decided to begin a social media propaganda program on instagram to promote unity within the country, and can be found ‘@varkin.official’.