Flags and symbols of the Principality of Andany

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Flag of the Principality of Andany

NameNational flag and ensign FIAV normal.svg
UseCivil flag and civil ensign
Adopted25 July 2017
DesignTricolor horizontal stripes in green, white, and blue. An oak branch sits in the center.

National Flag

The Andanian flags' color representations are; Green for nature, White for peace, and Blue for purity. The oak branch in the center represents equality/peace. It was adopted on July 25, 2017, which was also the day the Principality of Andany was founded. The Oak green also symbolizes the Athenian Imperial Party, while the Royal blue symbolizes the Roman Imperial Party.


The flag ratio is 2:3 (height/width). The colors are:

Scheme Oak green White Royal blue Olive green
RGB 31-181-58 255-255-255 0-115-198 42-101-79
Hex #1FB53A #FFFFFF #0073C6 #2A654F

Coat of Arms of the Principality of Andany

Coat of Arms of Andany.png
NameGreat Seal and Coat of Arms
Adopted25 July 2017
DesignConch shell with palm fronds, two Audouin’s gulls flying over the Mediterranean, and a green arrow representatively protecting Andany.

Coat of Arms

The escutcheon (shield) is supported by two Green sea turtles. The crest on top of the helm (helmet) is a conch shell, which represents the varied marine life of the country. Below the helm is the escutcheon itself, whose main charge is the ocean. Three Audouin’s gulls are above the ocean to represent Andany going to the future. The green arrow in the escutcheon means protection (over Andany, its citizens, and the environment). The country's motto, Latin: "Clavis est ad mare magnum" (The key to the Mediterranean), is shown on a white banner at the bottom of the escutcheon.