2019 MOF Intergames Aenderia

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2019 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
HostAenderiaFlag.png Aenderia
Nations participatingN/A
Athletes participatingN/A
Opening CeremonyMay 31, 2019
Closing CeremonyJune 6, 2019
Officially opened byRussell Gilzem
Preceded by2018 Wspolnota (Mof Intergames) Kaion
Succeeded by2020 MOF InterGames

The 2019 MOF Intergames In Aenderia was supposed be hosted in between May and June but was later cancelled.

Official Bids

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Confirmation
Alperia AlpCan.jpeg 25 August 2018
Aenderia MOFAenderiaIG.png 31 August 2018