2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

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Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament
at the
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Date1–9 June 2020 Projected

The 2020 Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, also known as RPS 2020, is the second tournament in the annual Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. It was originally an OAM branded rock–paper–scissors tournament hosted by New Eiffel, but later became part of the Micronational Olympic Federation with New Eiffel joining the organization. The tournament is planned to begin on 1 June 2020, and end on 6 June 2020. The bidding period to host the games began on 11 May 2020 announced by Special Games Vice President, Zabëlle Skye.

The tournament setup is single-elimination between sixteen entering nations, the matches are played online, it is first to three wins.




Tournament Rank



First round




Host selection


  • 11 May - 16 May: Submit bids
    • Must need a logo that read the nations name, year, "Rock Paper Scissors Tournament" and the words of: candidate micronation, to submit a bid.
  • 16 May - 21 May: Voting period
  • 21 May - 25 May: Offical logo announcement
  • 1 June: Games begin

Official Bids

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Confirmation
Official Kingdom of Arbreland 11 May 2020
Fifth Aenderian Republic 12 May 2020

Bid Voting

2020 MOF Rock Paper Scissors Tournament host election
Micronation Round 1
Aenderia 9
Arbreland 4

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