Phyrrian Tribes

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Grand Monarchy of Phyrria
Motto: Accept Differences to Unite as One
CapitalLeaning Tree
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Queen Abigail "Abby" I
• Head Council
Stella Batalia
LegislatureQueens Council
• Census
CurrencyThe Angulite (₳)
Time zoneUTC-5

The Phyrrian Tribes was a micronation founded on 11 January 2018, by Abby Daw.


Phyrria was established on 11 January 2018. The founder of Phyrria, and also the current leader, Queen Abigail I, created this nation to thrive, and that Phyrria is. The nation gains new people, creates new ideas, and will soar with stature someday.

Government and politics

Foreign relations

Phyrria has diplomatic relations with a few micronations. Phyrria has great relations with Posaf, Queen Abby, is great friends with Posaf's Prince, Prince Henry Rydina. Also Queen Abby knows President Michaeve of Quietrock too.


Phyrria's military is very important to them. Its main goal is to protect Phyrria from other nation who might oppose then. The military is the heart of Phyrria. Phyrrians pride themselves in having one of the strongest militias of all time. They also require citizens to serve in the military for 6 months (if able) to get a taste of that life.

Geography and Climate

The geography is very similar to a neighboring micronations, Posaf, and Quietrock. Phyrria is mainly a forested area with with a constantly changing climate.

Winter: days are usually very cold with some warm days on occasion.

Autumn: days are moderately warm with cool, breezy winds.

Spring: days are blossoming with flowers and new leaves, color pushing away the bleakness of Winter.

Summer: days are hot, sometimes uncomfortably hot when the temperature rises.


The main currency is Angulites. There are equivalent to one U.S. dollar. The Bilites are equivalent to a U.S. quarter.

The Angulite


Angulites are made from an mineral called Peacock Ore and they are equivalent to one U.S. dollar. Peacock Ore is abundant in the earth, but is fashioned in a way that is unique and unlikely to be counterfeited.

The Bilite

Raw Tigers Eye


Bilites are made from a mineral called Tiger's eye and are equivalent to one U.S. quarter. This too is abundant, but again made in a way hard to copy.


Phyrria has a distinct culture different from many other micronations. Some people believe that the Phyrrian culture is different and something new, while others think it's weird.


Phyrrians believe in correct grammar. Since writing/typing started the idea of Phyrria, it's very important, and it is encouraged to use correct grammar in Phyrria. Phyrria claims to be a democracy, with open and free elections. The minimum voting age is thirteen. Freedom of expression is also respected. Also capitalization of seasons is very important to the Phyrrian people, it can be considered offensive if you do not capitalize them.

Phyrrian Summer

Summers in Phyrria can be uncomfortably hot, usually Phyrrians find ways to stay cool. The most notable one is when Phyrrians stay under the shade of the trees and wait for the cool evening.


Phyrria uses the Gregorian Calendar but has their own set of holidays.

Holiday Date Meaning
New Years 1 Jan To celebrate the New Year
Phyrria Day 11 Jan To celebrate when Phyrria became independent
National Stella Day 5 Nov To celebrate the day Stella became our countries national animal and the head of Council
Queen's Birthday 19 Oct To celebrate the Queen's birthday. Changes with leadership



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